April 2017 Antarctica: Weddell seals


I’ve only actually completed one small map and yet yesterday and today the grid is revealing the whole maps (including the dark one I never even attempted :unamused: )

Makes it a bit tricky to track where I’m up to but that’s ok, so long as I zoom out to -5 and find a corner to start at and keep a note of where I end :slight_smile: But a fully functioning grid would be even better :wink:


Hey Em,
It did the same thing to me also, yesterday and today. Was forced to do pretty much the same thing you did in order to process the map. Very aggravating. - ake (bob)


I’ve had problems with not being able to move to new tiles. If I try to move the screen (on iPad) it will drag me back to the original tile. The only way I can get to new tiles is to “jump to priority” for every tile.


likewise. plus the dark colored maps, which I take to be in extreme low light conditions, drive me bonkers trying to make out images. Sheesh.


I have had a go them but I don’t think I’ve found anything yet :confused:


No seal around?
Maybee here?



Thanks claus, I’ll have a go at them later :slight_smile:


Seal poo? eww. LOL Remember to clean your mousies.


‘‘Seal poo’’; ‘‘Clean your mousies’’

But; What if it was in fact ‘Shampoo’, would not the mousies be already nice and squeaky clean?

Just a thought -ake


Oh, brother! Without a doubt the most erudite group I belong to.


That was during the Polar Convention of 2016? :wink:


I agree Beverly…although…it could be Penguin droppings…you know…the chocolate covered raisin kind particularly popular round Christmas time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:


In the arctic they have arctic hares - complete with the pellet droppings. So are there antarctic hares? And if so, then for their droppings to be seen by satellite, then there must be an awful lot of them! :laughing:


Speaking of droppings,I think we have an abandoned penguin rookery here.


Thank you!

My ticket reads, “Come back tomorrow for another dose of praise.” hehehe


They’ll be back…probably gone off to their winter retreat :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, just realised, I don’t have that problem any more, the maps are showing the grids now :laughing:
Guess this “Technical Issues” is now closed :grin:


Wasn’t there a sign somewhere down there that read, “Gone Fishing”?