April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - Maps are too big


This map is waaay too big, can please, please, please cut it down into quarters :anguished:

This is what I’m on now, so with maps this size is a nightmare as it is. Once I start exploring the tiles and tagging it’s going to start grinding to halt by the time I get a quarter of the way through! It took 3 seconds for a tag to appear on the screen last night and scrolling was sticky and stuttery, zooming is going to be impossible and I can’t even use the forum whilst it sorts itself out if I do use the scroll or jump to button. Everything Tomnod grinds to a halt until it has completed such tasks. Small is beautiful! Small is manageable…keep it small! Please? I’m sick of getting the “Page Unresponsive” warnings with almost everything I do on Tomnod now :frowning:


This is a nice sized map by the way, but you can ignore this as I’m just taking advantage to store small and decent link into TN with a grid. As it’s not completed it won’t take as long to load so I can just use the Jump to button to load another map from there

Remember, I can’t use the conventional route to start up TN as the maps will load without the benefit of a grid ;). So I’m using this as my new back door. The trouble with using the other links in the forum is I’ve completed those maps so takes an age to load before I even get started on loading a new map :confused:

http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/1g1nx12y1g And this is just another small map as backup :wink:


On second thoughts, maybe I should come back later this evening to try some tagging as it’s taking about 8 seconds to scroll from one tile to the next and I’ve only just started on this “small” map :grimacing:

And all I’ve found on the top row is a pile of poo . . . . penguin poo :laughing:


It took 8 minutes to scroll through 35 and a bit tiles of blank white with a splash of penguin poop! Really that should have only taken roughly 35 seconds to complete that row :confused:

Are the TN Tech team working on it at the moment; is that why its so slow, even through the my browser’s Incognito screen :confused:


Man, have you been having difficulties! I know my load time usually takes at least 4 “wait or kill” times, but then it loads up. And mine does not seem to have the scroll time problem yours has. Mine takes off into outer space every once in a while and then I have to reload the #+***^ thing. AKE35 , have you heard anything from the powers that be? They seem to be leaving us all on our own on this one, like as if we knew what was happening with all the code creep and time lags, etc. Whimper!


Hi Bev, I had my hubby explain last night what’s likely to be going on (he’s my IT guy who keeps all our household gadgets up to speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mind you, the kids are teaching him a thing or two now :smile: ).

Anyway, now that I’ve a better understanding of servers, hopefully I won’t be taking out my frustrations on the TN techies anymore…sorry guys :kissing_heart: )

I just have to remember to pass out the coffee and doughnuts :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut: and ask them nicely to switch on a server, pretty please :grin:

I don’t mind having to use a back door to get onto a map with a grid, just so long as the scrolling and tagging don’t run at a snails pace; that’s the truly frustrating bit. Fingers crossed, this is a solution I can work with :slight_smile:


:laughing: Yep, specially when you bounce off a sloped edge of a map and you land half way down to an area already covered :sweat_smile: It leaves me totally disorientated and have to zoom out to get my barings once again:persevere:


Cannot log in to my account-receive an (internal server error) msg. HELP


Em, please get hold of the powers that be and tell them I can’t log in to my account…I can see there is a new campaign, but it won’t even let me sign up again. As soon as the email address is entered, it kicks me out and says there is an internal server error. HELP HELP SOS SOS


Hi Bev, I’m afraid I can’t get onto either TN 'nor the forum :frowning: Just getting the same message as you unfortunately :confused:
I’ve tried messaging Tomnod on their facebook page and I’ve emailed cagey and jim, so I’m off to bed now and I’ll what comes of tomorrow instead :wink:


Hi Bev, I’ve just sent you a reply through the email updates that come through. I can’t get onto anybody over there other than I’ve emailed cagey and jim7. This is sooo frustrating :frowning:


Thanks! Something really must have come apart at the office, Huh?


They’re determined to keep me using these back doors aren’t they…I’ve even got to use them in the forum now
Well, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat as they say


Amen! This email is my only link at the moment as well. Somebody flipped the freaking wrong switch. Either that or they got tired of use telling them their maps were not functioning correctly. I need catnip. See ya in the morning!


Mornin, mornin, mornin, catnip all round…errr…oops

Oh, and coffee and donuts for the TN Techies :wink:


hey, no skinning cats! Against “Forum Rules” (according to Cageycat, that is).

yowl… ouch… limp… licking me wounds.


And because I can’t log on, I keep seeing this stupid reminder too…no matter how many times I click on “Remind me tomorrow”…talk about rubbing my nose in it

Personally, I think with glitch that was already in it, them updating it with a new campaign and somehow compounded the issue :frowning:


Interestingly, I’m not getting any email notification for new posts in the forum.
I can only respond to existing posts I’ve so far participated in, in the forum.
So I can’t respond to your new post either cagey :frowning:

I did do 200 polys in the campaign but it’s not even coming up with it’s popup reminder to log in, so I’m sceptical whether what I’ve done will even count.

Well, I hope they get it fixed soon 'cos I’m off on my hols on Sunday; so I’m away for a week and don’t know when I’ll get a look in here when I get back as we’re doing a bit of decorating :slight_smile: Knowing me I’ll find some time to spare even if I have to do a late night :smiley:


Ohhh, I was sooo close…I was nearly in…I was so sure, even box my stupid little unresponsive box pop up …then that new hateful internal error replaced it :frowning: But I think they’re trying :slight_smile:


Ad: Purrr-fect Cat, black, ready for holidays with your family. Needed: All expenses paid. In return: Your purr-fect entertainment with… me. :cat: (Oh my, I am not orange!Wish they’d go back to the old emoticon file; Discourse said it is under Admin settings. )