April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - Faces!


Here’s a large face in the snow.

April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest

Hi… Same happened to me, but… I did look around that area trying to work out the layout of the grid…

After a few I realized that it simply isn’t the rectangular image that was on there last time I was looking.

This is two smaller groups of tiles… Something changed I think.

anyway those things are huge based on the scale in his image… also like the face in your image… nice eyes.


Thank you about the face. As I was finishing up this map, at the top I came across another one. This one looks like the head of a woman from the 1920s (USA?) wearing a close-fitting hat with a feather in front that is being blown to the left (her right). Her “blonde” hair is also blown to the left (her right).


Oh wow, that is so cool :smiley:
Now if I was really clever on the computer I could make those eyes wink :rofl:
Sadly I haven’t a clue how you do that :frowning_face:


I thought your face of a woman looked more like Santa on a blowy night :smile:


Something spooky climbing out of the water…but you will have to use your imagination for this one, I haven’t decided what it is yet

Oops, I suppose it would help if I put in the link :wink: