April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW



OK, I give up. What the freak is that???


I think it’s just the way the angle stretched some trees. Reminds me of streaking in old Polaroid photos. (Satellite imaging can get streaky as the machinery moves along like an at home scanner.)


Slowly slowly, the ice is melting,
slowly slowly, the hidden prehistoric secrets, is being revealed.
Maybee an old statue, hidden behind the ice.
Idk. maybee i should have been a writer/story teller :wink:


Hi! I agree with the scanning idea… can’t find that image today, but the lower part of todays imaging shows the same streaks… however examing the shadows there doesn’t support any similar tall structure to the land. In the OP image there are no strong features, but you can see a sunny side and a shadow side. No sign of any really large contour relief… you can make out a gentle pattern at the top edges of the shadows that relate to the sunny side if you look. As in todays imaging the streaks go from the sunny side over the shadow side… Like nodders, the eyes play tricks going from bright to dark and lag a bit… given the sat velocity over ground that makes sense… most of the longer streaks are relatively short as they darken down.
Given the altitude etc. these are miniscule… there are good examples in the lower left corner of todays block.
Have fun… as I have said before, it helps if you know what you are seeing… thus Bev’s query.
Hope that helps. Oh… last thought… I was playing at spotting seals a bit… I’m amazed at how many come back with 8 or so agrees on objects that the scale shows are ten times the size of a Weddell.
that is… 30 to 50 meters… ha ha.
Late edit: Look at the date of the imagery as well. Some of this stuff seems Years old… which may explain the tag over runs and changes…


It’d be kewl if something is hidden. Not sure I want to see it, though, if it means rising seas.



Digital aliens! Tip your head to the left as you look at the photo and you can see one - eyes, nose and straight mouth. The other aliens just haven’t finished downloading yet! :smirk:


You mean they still had Polaroid cameras in “your time?” :laughing::wink: Okay, I remember - and had one also, and a Kodak version of one (until Polaroid sued them for some copyright infringement - and cameras with the push-in flashbulbs and one with “the cube” (4 bulbs and the cube spun around with each flash). “Yes, Pepperridge Farms remembers!” :grinning:


Darn! Someone knocked the snowman over!


Oops…someone’s gone “off the rails” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know Lauren C ice shelf just broke apart, but I think some Nodders are cracking up too. Or is that just cracking me up? Oh never mind!


@Cagey what have you been up to here :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This side of the map looks as though it’s been savaged by a very angry kitty :astonished:

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s a very long/wide map compared to all the others I’ve searched today?

Or maybe it was that seriously frustrated EmeraldEyed Kitty of mine who’s just lost it 'cos there’s NO GRID…AGAIN!!! :weary: Grrrrr

Come on @Tomnod, you just can’t do a map this size without a grid; I’ll be lost and gone forever without one :sob: And there are no sides :open_mouth: I could just wander off aimlessly into infinity…never to be seen again :cold_sweat:

Oh…hang on…just gone back to the map and @Tomnod has picked me up and dumped here instead http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/10lbxpy5m
. . . but I liked that map :frowning_face:


EDIT of the EDIT:
Ok, scratch that, I like this map better…I found Weddells Grin roll


This…image…reminded me of this image…don’t know why :confused:


Definite volcano mtn. Could not find a single seal on this whole map. And the lighting conditions really did me in. I need catnip.


A lunar ‘feline scratching post’? Good find Em -ake


This appears to be a research station of some sort. Lots of vehicles to include aircraft. The four (4) large aircraft are C-130 Hercules type of cargo airplanes. You will notice that in-between the two middle aircraft is a small piece of equipment. That is an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It’s purpose is to keep the number two (port side) engine warm, so that the engine oil doesn’t freeze. The three aircraft in the upper left are a DC-3 and 2 unknown Swiss aircraft. The DC-3 aircraft is the forefather of the C-130s’. Why this research facility would have a DC-3 is a mystery to me. That puppy must have quite a few thousand hours of flight time. Anyway, thought this might be of interest. -ake


Aw fudge, I missed it, well, that’ll to teach me for going to bed at night :smirk:
Boy, they’re quick in TN…hope they realise they’ve cut away a tile or two with loads of seals on it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: just to the right of this one http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/10lpx8y3h


I was able to pull up AKE’s url.


Well, I covered the whole of that map and the only thing manmade that I could see was down in the lower end of the map :confused:


Unless it was all snow white camouflage and I never noticed :wink:
This is the whole of the map (zoomed out) as I see it

…And I’ve just noticed a separate little map just above that one I’m off to explore :open_mouth: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/10lpx5y47
Must have missed that one :roll_eyes:

And that’s the whole two maps completed:-