April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Say Em, Wait until you get one that has 4 (mini) maps. Just when you thought that you finished one, up pops a second one then another and so on. Makes one wonder if TN is short of disk space, so they are cramming as many images, they can on one. Not sure what is worse, one image with 2K tiles or 4 with 500 tiles. -ake


Yes I have experienced them on other campaigns as well as 2 or 3 on this one AKE235 :smiley:
I just forgot to zoom out and check that one before I moved on :confounded:

Personally, I prefer a number of mini maps to one large map as it’s easier for me plan how much I can get done in whatever time I have. I’ve always found a large map of 2K+ tiles slows down the scrolling for me the more tiles I clear and tags set down :confused: I think that’s why TN started break the maps up into much smaller chunks, when so many of us complained about it :blush:



Looks like a broken off pen clip :writing_hand::astonished: :upside_down_face:


Stingray :smiley:



This could be steam/fog from varmer water.


Great find,Em, but what the whistle is it?? Cast a shadow so the rhomboid left end has height, but it looks like it is being shoved over the surface perhaps by wind force. Derelict shipping container?


Another awesome find, Claus! Definitely appears to be steam from the warmer waters. Strange finds in a strange land.


Three days later and when I clicked on your link, I got sent to a different tile set (10lpxcy3q), And when I entered the tile URL in manually, all I get is a black map tile for a minute, then back to the tile above. Guess I can’t view it. I still think maybe we’re getting a little behind in this campaign and this is Tomnod’s way of giving us a little “push”?
I just thought of something I can try. I didn’t have a map opened before I clicked on this link. I think that’s what I had to do a while back when I got black screens when trying to check out a posted link. Will have to try that. :thinking:


I just found @cageycat palling around with 3 faces in the snow. And she even waved at the satellite camera!

And here’s a snowman heading home from a long day of ice inventory! :laughing:


Smiling stingray :fish:


Mother Nature’s art work at its best :heart_eyes:

Actually, looking at it in here it looks like a bat coming in to land :smiley:



…spy image


The trouble is all I’m spy now are optical illusions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Where the heck are all the seals gone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can someone put big light on please :open_mouth:

I’m sure I can see 3 seals lurking in the shadows :thinking:

Anyone got a torch? I’m struggling to line up the cross hairs here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s making me cross eyed :nerd_face:

These could just be a figment of my overly taxed eyes…think I need to go to bed now :sleepy:


Poor Em & other Nodders. :frowning: Sorries!

:cake: :ice_cream: :chocolate_bar:


All the treats to put me asleep :sleeping: …better notnah


Thumbs up for Big Foot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Abominable Snowman waving to us :smile:


It’s an Alien :open_mouth:



Reminds me of Tom the Tugboat.


Had a few minutes yesterday and was looking at something else entirely non related, but… it did take me by a harbour in Australia while looking…

This is a barge used by a dredging operation visible very nearby… I guess I should say that this is in Melbourne Harbour. I recorded the image from Google Earth and cropped it down.
roughly 37 51.15 S 144 54.68 E

I had see this posting a while before that and was thinking about it… your pen clip would be longer etc.
But… the structure is similar. It is possible that someone delivers supplies by a large barge under tow like the one in this pic… It would be a practical supply method as long as you didn’t lose it… perhaps this image of yours captures one that got caught in ice, might explain the odd bend… but that might just be an image artifact or even drifting snow… they do get some…

Anyway, it’s about INTERESTING isn’t it?