April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


A bit of irony… when I posted my latest, I was focused on the Barge… but maybe that tug out front of it is your Thomas! Looks similar for sure.


Absolutely huge colony which extends well out of the scope of this snippet. And you can even see very tiny individual penquins in some places. Think of millions of years of penquins using their colonies and millions of years of ice layers. Then consider what is going to happen when all that pooh melts out. Sort of boogles the mind,huh?


You know, you could be right about that Doug, it certainly looks like an oil tanker/cargo type of vessel and I think the dimensions would fit when I check them with TN’s scale.

Originally I was thinking it looked to be too long and narrow for this but after routing around on google on ship dimensions I’m convincing myself that it could very well be a cargo vessel…

…but then I zoomed out TN and my browser to the max to look at the overall map to get a better picture of it’s position and I’m back to doubting it’s any kind of cargo vessel

The “vessel” should somewhere within that red circle :wink:


Compost for seabeds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or a bat in free-fall! Look at the expression on its face! :astonished:


Looks like they also built a dining hall up at the top with a kitchen to the left of it. In the middle toward the left must be the palace - they are Emperor Penguins aren’t they?


Looks like the penguins left something on the deck of the barge - just like they do on the snow. :laughing:


I only said it looked like a barge I saw! And I went and looked around it… I don’t think it is near that red circle either, but it is hard to see there… I did find it in the map, and in mine the area that is at the 4 o’clock position to the circle slopes down to the left…

As far as what I think it is, I also looked around and lean more to a ship shaped ice flow with some snow drift and sticking up slightly above the ice in the area… haven’t yet seen enough to guess where that was… but the date seems to be 2010… I’m out now unless I find something else…


, OK. Features such as this snippet have been driving me crazy. And no comments about “not too far to go”, You can see all these lovely little black blobs all over the terrain, but other than wind blown dunes and some blue ice ponds, I can’t see any open water… Have you guys heard what these features are? Or are they actual penquin blobs? And or seals? I would love a serious response. Or as close to reality as possible for this crew.


I understand exactly what your problem is Beverly as I’ve been struggling with similar myself and have a similar discussion going in this post http://forum.tomnod.com/t/april-2017-part-2-antarctica-weddell-seals-map-quality/4551
I’m hoping @Michelle4 might be able to enlighten us…pretty please :grin:

But in your image, all I can see are shadows; there’s the blue ice and snow drifts (white ice) and it’s the shadows cast from the white snow is all I see. I’m afraid I’m not even making out the pinprick dots of penguins in that sample :confused:


I’d say those are windswept bands across an open terrain. No open water. No seals.


I thought the abominable snowman had lost a finger nail. :roll_eyes:


How about this one EM? Gotta be 1100 feet of something very straight. Maybe like those pipelines that washed ashore in Britain a couple of weeks ago.


I bet it was a Road Crew. Supposed to lay down the yellow center line, but they mistakenly picked the white, so weddells could not tell where the sides of the road are!

What do you call a Weddell that crossed a road?
A Waddle-Weddell.

ra rah ra :~~~p


I didn’t know about those pipelines; just looked it up now. It does look like it could be something like that. I have such very long straight edges (much longer than this) during this campaign, I’ve often wondered what they were/how they were formed :thinking:


They’re water slides for the seals to have fun on. Not too much to keep the pups busy in Antarctica.


I found another “fun thing” the seals created to entertain their little ones - a maze! :grin:
The maze is above and to the right of the poly at a 45 degree angle, zoomed out to -3. Once I found it, I zoomed in to +2 for the screen shot.


Here’s one that @EmeraldEyes may wish to get for her collage. There’s just so many nice areas you (Em) may want to check out for yourself. I call this one "the blue ridge mountains."
After clicking on the link, zoom out and pan around. Some very nice patterns!


A jellyfish of ice. (at the bottom of the map… zoom out).


:heart_eyes: I love these Jim, similar to one I looked at on here earlier today. Reminds me of Japanese silk brocade fabric or a rich velvet. Some of the colours/patterns further down and around that map would look gorgeous in a peach skin/powder touch fabric. Sorry Jim, I’m sure you’re not interested in knowing that, it’s just I used to work in the clothing trade and still love sewing :smiley: and fabrics :wink: