April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


I think I must have forgotten to mention “I see a seal” in that one :blush:


Wow! You sure can find them! Not a clue. Best guess would be water or heat coming up from below and following cracks. Sheesh!


The late mother of a guy I used to work with was a “hooker.” She worked in a garment factory. :rofl:


Here’s a beautiful multi-colored ice breakup (hint…hint…Em!). Also check out the “Weddell Seal Question” topic. I inadvertently posted a couple photos there. :frowning_face:

And here’s an example from the darker side - a gargoyle.


Back to beautiful… http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/224235


@cageycat got in on this action too! I see her trying to hide by blending in with the emerald green! Tag! Your it, Cagey! :grin:

And here’s a snow-covered sleeping seal.


I’m shocked Jim that you did not see the pipe Alien man! He’s sitting. Unfortunately, others on the spaceship broke their pipes.

And on the other… I was just trying to keep the seal from awakening! :-p~~~


Antarctic Lion


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m loving all this emerald broken glass :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I spent a lot of time last night zooming in and out to fit in all that I see. Gets tricky manoeuvring round the various TN tick boxes and such without being forced to cut out a particular detail though; sometimes wish I could rotate the image before I crop to get more in :confused:


I saw this last night (well, about 3 AM), and couldn’t decide upon what it looked like. I was thinking more in the terms of a spine (left and lower left), etc… I was zooming in and out to no avail so I gave up. Never did it occurs to me “broken glass.” :smiley:


No seals here… just the abominable snowman trudging through waist-deep snow.

Seems everyone is caught in the deep snow… even this poor little piglet!
EDIT 26 Aug.: 6 Days later I land right smack on the piglet with the poly around it. Here’s the link directly to it:


And @cageycat always seems to show up no matter where I look! I found you, Cagey, surfing on a 2-headed surfboard (literally 2-headed). :smiley:


Here’s a pretty one (multi-colored ice breaking up), followed by “snow mole” tunnels.



Last one for tonight… a cyclist and unicycle sinking after having fallen through the ice. Looks like a giant fish is coming up behind him.
Tomnod_Antarctica_cyclist & bicycle sinking


Sorry… couldn’t resist. Here’s a beast attacked from the side by another. The lighter-colored one on the left seems surprised/hurt. Now I’m done for the day!


I think I found Olive Oyle. (top left inside the poly. She’s yelling bout something!)

Anyone seen Popeye?


Seems to Admiral Byrd was right.
Antarctica Green…


I was reading about the “greening” of Antarctica. Seems as the rocks warm up, lichen can come out of dormancy and start growing again. Of course they don’t get very tall - just a few millimeters high, but enough to give a green tint to the landscape. We’ll probably see a lot more of Antarctica turning green (and red) in the future.


This looks like someone fell asleep outside and got covered in snow.


That wasn’t you? (Our forum’s demand for 20 characters ruins humor!)