April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


The image sort of reminds me what was unleashed in the movie ‘The Mummy’ and the sequel ‘The Mummy Returns’. -ake


This sort of reminds me of the ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’



@cageycat, I didn’t know you can swim - and underwater at that! I found you just as you were about to surface and climb out onto the ice - you cagey cat you!

Tag! You’re it! :grinning:


yikes, an X-me-Ray of all me innards! LOL


I found some more of @cageycat’s scratch marks in the snow.


Here’s a “sea creature” that reminded me of “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” film (from many years ago). http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/243814


gadzooks!!! Say cagey, are those cat eye marbles in your gut? -:panda_face:


The Surfer Cat

Cagey aka The ‘Nite Prowler’, a ‘Cat on a Hot foam board’, along with ‘Bulldog’ and ‘Surf Rat’, ‘Shoot the Curl’ and then ‘Ride the Wild Surf’!

The Deuce Coupes - Nite Prowler (1964)
The New Dimensions - Cat on A Hot foam board (1963)
The Fireballs - Bulldog (1965)
The Rumblers - Surf Rat (1963)
The Honeys - Shoot the Curl (1963)
Jan and Dean - Ride the Wild Surf (1964)

PS: I would have uploaded the mp3 files, but those critters are a wee bit large AND not sure what the policy is from the front office. - ake


So this is what happened to Arnold the Pig. It’s only fitting, to be forever memorialized in ice. May he find ‘Green Acres’ a wee bit warmer.


I would have liked them! :heart_eyes: I believe the maximum size for uploads is 1 MB. :disappointed_relieved:


@cageycat always seems to get herself on camera - World View that is! I found Cagey high-tailing it toward the right as she drifts across the water just to the right of the poly. At least she’s not yellow! :rofl:

And here’s Cagey peaking through the snow and I see her ball just to the right of her eyes. Boy is she sneaky! :smiley_cat:
Tomnod_Antarctica_CageyCat & ball


Let’s see… @cageycat has made herself shown (or found) in stone, in ice, in clouds, in snow, and now I found her in the water hanging onto a piece of ice. She really does get around! :smile_cat: She is below the poly nearly at the bottom of the tile. You have to zoom in find her.


Here’s a nice photo showing the various layers of the ice sheet as its in the water. Note the one large piece on the left that broke off and the pointed end broke through a neighboring piece.


I found a fox who stuck his head out of the snow, only to be hit in the face with a snowball. Cagey! No pawing snow! :unamused:

There’s also a face just above and to the right of the fox head - both within the poly, but I did not include the face in the screenshot.

And since I’ve seen this so many times, I just had to comment on it. This reminds me of dried paint left in the roller pan - or what you may find at the bottom of the paint pail when the last bit wasn’t used or cleaned out.


You weren’t supposed to catch me ducking behind this ice! (Just off the top left corner of the poly.)
Tomnod_Antarctica_ducking behind the ice


Here’s Bambi standing on a rock outcrop.

And a dehydrated animal skull.
Tomnod_Antarctica_dehydrated animal skull

@AKE235 Bob, I hope this isn’t what’s left of Arnold the pig!


It actually reminds me of a Starwars Stormtrooper :slight_smile:


My first impression was dinosaur such as an Archaeoceratops :thinking:


@Jim7 I do believe you are uncovering proof that giant felines once roamed the tropical lush forests on Antarctica! Look at that chiseled jaw! The nares and mouth. The eye(s) quietly focused (on prey). And the ears perked up to hear the slightest----oh no, an asteroid— boom!!

How lovely that nature set into rock these ancestors of mine who once padded along under the canopy of trees…

Oh, btw, the giant felines ate the giant pigs! oink!


Is this an alien who’s running so fast it has “streamers” to the left - just like in cartoons. :grinning:

And within the same poly, I found several frozen artifacts - (from top to bottom) a lizard, a starfish, birds, etc…
Tomnod_Antarctica_birds & star fish

Antarctic Hare… http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/288152
Tomnod_Antarctica_Antarctic hare

Looks like here’s where the hares are going into. :smile: