April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


@cageycat missed this mouse, and it’s about to be eaten by a large lizard. :smiley_cat:


My last contribution for the night (and for getting closer to your hearts maximum). :wink: Here’s a sea monster (from mythical times) coming up through the ice.


A bearded lizard at that!

I think that was the real thing on the sea monster, but it was freeze-frozen during the last ice age.


Ski jump for the seals and penguins :rofl:
http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/114821 (south west of the poly)


I found the “castle” from my chess set I dropped!
Tomnod_Antarctica_castle chess piece


The Emoji King! http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/248198
Tomnod_Antarctica_emoji king

Okay, so he’s a wee bit on the frozen side… Oh, and he’s just to the right of the poly.


Here’s a “snow snake” all coiled and ready to strike. (Just to the left of the poly.)


This one actually reminded me of “Pacman”! (Am I showing my age now? :innocent: )


OK, I actually spotted one! Sea/lake monster anyone? (Was thinking “Nessie”…)


I kinda like that one Helen, think I’ll add it to my collection :wink:


Another one, a face this time? Looking to the left…


Oh yes, I can even see his bald patch :upside_down_face:


In fact, I’m not really seeing many seals at all in this stage of the campaign . . . . maybe one “Seals” in amongst 50 gazillion “No Seals” :frowning:


I thought that was just me that wasn’t seeing the seals! Only done around 800 tiles so far, so got a lot of catching up to do, but I seem to have got more than my fair share of off-grid black images, too…


I’ve only done 3k, had a lot of catching up to do too. The most frustrating thing about the polys is when you do see seals but they’re just outside the poly :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Makes me want to shift the poly over a little :smile:


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Kind of looks like Cagey all covered in snow.


Em and @Helen, I’ve had 2 polys that contained seals (and seals all around them, so they will eventually come up in other polys), and 5,269 polys without seals. At least we got a good amount of screen shots to take our twisted minds off the lack of seals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Curiosity (catchy cat-like type) got the best of me so I decided to see just how many screenshots I’ve taken of the Antarctica campaigns (Weddell seals). So far I have 372! And of course, there’s screenshots of all the other campaigns I’ve worked on as well - another 370. Guess it’s time to copy them to a thumb drive! :neutral_face:


From Helen’s post:


Guess my tail gave me away? BTW, I was holding out an olive branch— trying to lure me in a bird, but no luck.