April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


Here’s a face in the snow.


Yeh, shaken not stirred…that’s what broke the ice…shelf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Play Jaws music, Jim.


Here a horned lizard coming out from the snow. (I still have 3 minutes before I can like anyone’s posts.)
http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/191369 (It’s to the right of the poly.)
Tomnod_Antarctica_horned lizard


A face looking down.
Tomnod_Antarctica_face looking downward


Here’s a wolf’s head that the wind has blown the snow off of. (just right of poly)


And that was after the face lift. Good candidate for Botched (plastic surgery repair on a 30 minute TV show). Rhinoplasty first, then chisel that chin.


You know how they say, “there’s a ray of sunshine behind every cloud?” Well, I found a beacon of light at the edge of a cloud’s shadow. (It’s way above the poly, almost near the top of the map. Zoom to -2 as you go up.)

And to the left of this “beacon” I found an ogre sound asleep in a crevice. :neutral_face:


Now I know where the seals are hiding - in the snow! Caught one poking its head out and two more with their eyes showing. Sneaky little seals!


I did actually spot a lonely earlier, just one on it’s own with nobody with it…outside the poly!
Before I realised what I was doing I hit the 1 Seal key seal :laughing: which I had to go back and correct to No seals. :roll_eyes:

It looks like a happy polar bear on the run to me :thinking:


Another face in the snow… http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2058/question/264096

Think we’re all suffering from a bad case of Weddell-induced pareidolia… :rofl:


Here’s 2 photos (same poly). The first is the head of an alien gray (and a couple of not-so-discernable heads) and the 2nd is of a man’s face looking to the left.
Tomnod_Antarctica_alien gray heads in crevice
Tomnod_Antarctica_man's face

  • Sorry I put those 2 photos on one post - did away with giving 2 hearts. Didn’t think of it until too late.


Not sure if this is a happy-smiley frog-like creature :frog:, or a side-on dog :dog2: waiting to pounce…


And a couple of images later, is this an arrow :arrow_lower_right: telling me where I should be looking for the seals? :eyes: …rather than where the poly is?


Here’s a frozen head with a portion of its face having "freezer burn."
Tomnod_Antarctica_Frozen head of ancient giant_2


Not sure if this looks like some creature stalking something and crouching down low ready to pounce…


In the same poly there’s a set of pawprints :paw_prints: just off to the side as well.


Okay, I’ve found faces, animals, mammals, etc., and lots of snow, but just 3 or 4 tiles with seals out of over 1,680 tiles. So, I’ve decided to post some poop! :crazy_face:

Tomnod_Antarctica_penguins & poop_2
At least you can still give hearts and hopefully use them up for the day. :smiley:
The first is just outside the upper left corner of the poly. The second is a little above the poly.


Hey Jim, did you not see the manta rays underneath the sea monster on this one? (sea monster inside poly, rays below)

The left-hand one even has eyes! :eyes:


Actually yes, but baby Brianna was being fed by grandma, dad had the two girls and I had to meet the auto club serviceman at my car in the village. After having a new coil put in about 3 months ago and a new battery just 5 days ago, when my wife ran up to the village to get her eyes examined, when she went to leave it wouldn’t start. I told her either the alternator quit working and the engine is running off the battery, or the starter motor quit. Had it towed to the garage for service. Just didn’t have time to state everything that was around the sea monster. I had intended to post individual photos (for more heart giving), but had to leave.
But this was I was able to give a heart thanks to your post! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I found either an Australian freshwater crocodile or Indian Gharial (India). I didn’t know they liked the snow. :confused:

You can’t miss it’s location. It looks like it’s about ready to take a bite out of the top right corner of the poly.