April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - POI - WOW


I can sympathise with that. Had similar problems with my (ex) car earlier this year, first the battery died (just one month over its warranty period :roll_eyes:), then the alternator decided to stop working. (Stranded me about 10 miles from home waiting hours for the motor rescue organisation to get out to me.)

Still can’t give any hearts out for a while yet… I’ll have to pick up on Em’s trick and give them out manually! :two_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Is this a seal’s head? With a funny short flap below its mouth? Just to the top right outside of poly.
Tomnod_Antarctica_seal head


Are really annoyed fish perhaps, Jim? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks like some creature has been clawing at the landscape here

It wasn’t you was it Cagey? :innocent:


Letters in the landscape just to the left of the poly … E and V

(Probably the last one from me for tonight, it’s nearly :zzz: time)


Oh I loved that one, I came across last week and it just reminded me of white feathered peacock I once saw in the zoo with the kids :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s not a very good as a pic comparison but that’s what sprung to mind when I saw that part of the map :slight_smile: Anyway it was definitely one for my collection…my favourite one yet :grin: So if that’s @cageycat’s handy work, she certainly has some artistic claws about her :wink:


In the big picture I see a face - eyes closed, nose toward the “feathers”, and lips pursed. Looks a bad hair day though!


Wait! Find an “A” so I can show my granddaughter her name is in the snow in Antarctica! :open_mouth:


Say, Jim. Isn’t seal poop called ‘Seal Scat’?

(Not to be confused with scat or shoo seal.)


Wow! Cagey must of have been REALLY pi… err stressed out.


It could be, but I wouldn’t tell Cagey. I think a lot of people use the word “scat” when they chase a cat away! :rofl::smile_cat:


I found this guy wandering around, all dressed in black, and holding onto his white helmet. He’s up to no good I tell you! :open_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think he knows he was spotted. He starting to run! :smiley:
And here’s a creature coming up out of the water. (just above the poly)
Tomnod_Antarctica_up from the water


I can see the confusion of people saying ‘Scat Cat’ versus ‘Cat Scat’…Curious to see how that would pan out with Cagey.


Bear face in snow (just to the right of the poly).
Tomnod_Antarctica_bear face in snow


Staying with canines, I found a “spirit” dog.


A rabbit. (Zoom -4 and move up and to left)
Tomnod_Antarctica_Antarctic hare_2


I’ll have you know, that was Cag’ey’s Creative Camp, focusing on French art influences! We had 1 week for Weddells, 1 week for penguins, and 1 week for bears. (The bear week turned into a real bear! They went crazy with the smell of their prey, despite that they were long gone. The bears spent nearly every day feeding on catnip and greens, and every night with their heads hanging over an open ice hole alternately looking and puking! Needless to say, the bears destroyed Cag’ey’s Creative Camp, though I remain friends with many of the artistic types.)


You cannot tell a Fat Cat to Scat. Sleek cats (like me, preening) would just slide on by. And we all learned in acting classes the “I’m so bored” when hearing that word.


looks to be one of those strange deep water sharks.


It’s a quite lovely phenomenon. Imagination at its finest! Imagine on, I’m loving it.