April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


Clicking on the link provided by @cageycat on another thread (for free navigational maps), I ended up checking out other links from that page, then the next, and ended up at geographic.org. They have photos of volcanoes from all over the world put to various lists (by country, alphabetical, region, etc.). I clicked on “By Country” and then “Antarctica.” Antarctica has 1 volcano listed with a nice photograph and detailed description. Then I got wondering, several days(?) ago a screen shot from the Weddell Seal campaign was posted showing a nearly perfect circular feature. We were all wondering what it may have been. Could it possibly be this volcano? Hmmmm… :thinking:
Erebus Volcano, Antarctica

April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest

Yeah that was my guess up at

But I had read those mountains were folded, not volcanic. :-/ (wrong I guess)

Your finding matches the whale’s eye exactly.


I just found another volcanic mountain range in Antarctica by continuing to check out that website. It’s called the Hudson Mountains and are practically completely covered by ice and snow. But, it was suggested that a possible (unconfirmed) eruption took place in one of the larger peaks (Webber Nunatak) in 1985, and a possible steam eruption at one of the Hudson volcanoes in 1974. Who knew the Antarctic was still so volatile - other than the ice/glacial movements? Here’s the links to the Hudson Mountains in Antarctica. The first one shows more of the tops while in the second they’re almost completely covered:


pretty decent match-up for the whale eye pic. One that puzzles me is area 1g2sx3yq which shows extensive brown water and ice. I doubt there is that much penquin pooh anywhere. Algae bloom? Or undersea volcano or mudslide?


I just looked at that map tile - and about 40 more all around it. It appears it was a volcanic eruption and the hot mud and lava flows melted the ice completely in some areas (large pools of brown) and melted other ice where the mud/lava flowed (looks like rivers of brown). Nice find!
I have 2 little girls who - because they got up 1-1/2 hours early - are constantly fighting over dolls, toys, you name it! Otherwise I would see if this area matches up with one of the Antarctic volcanoes I just learned about last night. (Maybe I can get Grandma to take the girls shopping. :money_mouth_face: Then I will have a little time to myself - until the 1-month old wakes up from her nap. :heart_eyes: )


Jim, I kinda agree with your assessment that it might be a volcanic type of event. My concern is that there appears to be no signs of steam that one would expect from hot lava contacting ice cold water. Just a thought… -bob

ps: Could be some REALLY hot poop that caused this, also…


Bob, I was just thinking about that as I am still looking around. I also noticed there are no pools or lakes of waters from melting ice - unless the eruption happened long enough before this satellite photo and things had started to cool down/refreeze already. There are a few areas where it appears that chunks of ice was tossed onto other flat icy areas. I’m still going through the tiles and, when I get done, I’m going to zoom out and take a couple of screenshots. Oh, and @EmeraldEyes: you may want to add some screen shots of this to you collage. There are some areas with some pretty nice mosaics. :grinning:


Here’s a Weddell Seal ice sculpture!


Here’s one that looks like someone wrecked the car.


Too much egg nog! :wink:

Oh, just so you know… I ended up doing the entire map since I had gone through so many tiles looking at the mud/lava flows! Now back to finish the map where I had left off earlier. :zipper_mouth_face:


These two sections of ice appear to have been together at one time - and possibly joined with the larger one to the lower right?



I decided to split this thread before it got any longer. Read only Part 1 is here:
April 2017 Part 1 Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest

I look forward to seeing more pictures!


Thanks Jim, you read my mind :relaxed: I love that seal sculpture :heart_eyes:


Looks like the underbelly of an alligator broken in two :smirk:


My first split-second impression was a sea turtle’s flipper. :thinking:





@Jim7 Volcano steam I guess.


Look like undersea volcano activity area @AKE235 @Jim7 @Beverly1 @cageycat @EmeraldEyes