April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


Quite possible. The website I visited only listed volcanoes which were inland, but one range may very well be close enough to the coast to explain the thin crack in the ice (sea ice) that traveled from left to right and diagonally upward on the map. A lot of mud/lava mixed with melted ice. I did notice on dark - almost black - area that was not shadow, but a very deep depression. And the wall on the left did curve and slope downward from the ice. Part of a caldron or simply the space between mountain peaks? Since I closed that map, I don’t think Tomnod’s server is going to show me the entire thing again. It took me 3 tries by hitting refresh to get the whole map to show up when I inadvertently closed my web browser when I only meant to minimize it. Arrrgh! I almost gave up when I was only presented with the tile for the link I had copied. But I don’t think it will work after almost 24 hours… and I’m not doing all those tiles again - at least until I finish with the map I’m currently working on.


Claus, I wonder if the round straight line holes might be ice core drill sites and the trailer part of the equipment for drilling??


These look like very large pipes.


Jim, you do know you can just click on one of the links above to get you back to that area again, don’t you?

Plus, if you do accidentally shut down like that, just go to your browser history and select the last tile entry at the top of the list; it should take you back to where you were. Example below

Apologise if I’ve misunderstood and you already know all this :wink:

Edit: Ok, normally this works fine, but for some reason today it won’t take me back to this one http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/1g2hxmy69. Spoil sports :disappointed:


I thought, it was scary close, to put a camp, upon a volcano, but maybe it is ice core drill equipment.


Yes, I should have taken a few more pictures, when I was on the map, a few places red lava was seen I guess.


As I remember, when new map´s is added, the old numbers changes, that makes it difficult.


Yes, you’re right claus, I see what you mean now. Just tried some of the links above without success :confused:
I guess if a map is replaced then its unaccessible, other maps not replaced can still be accessed as that’s how I got to cover the one I missed out on way back in April. Maybe that was pure luck if they are only just replacing them :smirk:


:smile: I always copy the last tile URL to my multi-clipboard so I can always go back to where I left off. Always worked before. But for some reason, the Tomnod server was messing with my mind, refusing - at first - to serve up the entire map I completed, then did so, and then changed its mind and refused again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe I should try one more time? Or maybe since I’m working on another map, it will refuse my request. It’s worth a try - after I get the girls to stop arguing. :grinning:

EDIT: I tried to call up this map again - black screen! Even after refreshing - black screen! Bad server! Bad! :angry:


Well at least now I know I’m not the only one having these kind of issue Jim :sweat_smile:
Sometimes I when comes up as a black screen…sooooo sloooooow loading :sleeping: I usually go make a cup of tea, play a game “patients” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or do something else. If it’s still black then I’ve got to ditch it and just go with whatever it want’s me to look at :frowning: maybe try again later :wink:

Usually I’ll save my location on the bookmarks bar if it’s something I want to come back to.


This reminds me of when a friend and I installed soundproof tiles in his recording/mixing room in his basement (many, many years ago :roll_eyes:).


Do they farm in Antarctica? Looks like someone started plowing the snow field. :grin: Maybe they’re expecting a bumper crop of snow? :roll_eyes:


That’s the Iceberg Lettuce farm Jim :wink:



Snow track


Oh yeah, and I bet there’s some snow peas as well! :grin:


Maybe they’re having a race! :smiley:


What on earth are they…some kind of vehicles/drilling devices ?
They span 10 tiles with 24 left and 30 right :thinking:

It’s marking out a runway landing strip?
Monitoring/measuring the crack in the ice?


Or snow golf.
There are actually a weather station, on antarctica, can be seen on google earth.
Another interesting figur can be seen too, on google earth. As in this video