April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


1:52 of the video = -66.273382, 100.984656 Google maps. Somebody’s got his map upside down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looks very different turned the other way :wink:


Ah, I see, thanks claus :slight_smile:

Surely all this drilling, especially in rows as above, it only going to encourage cracks and iceberg calving like the one cagey posted about

Years ago we had a small crack in the side of a window pane, barely a centimetre wide. The crack gradually spread across the width of the window over the years with the cold winters and heatwave summers, until we had to have it replaced. Like the glass pane, surely the same is going to happen where all these drill holes are going; especially when they’re drilling in such long rows like that :astonished: Maybe its not “all” down to global warming after all :confused:


Its difficult on ge, when its close to the South pole, North is everywhere then;-)
But you found it. :slight_smile:


The MIS project drilled to a record-breaking depth of 1284.87 meters below the sea floor (mbsf),
And Hopefully not down in a volcano :wink:


Yes it is on ge but I can’t even get it to run at the moment for some reason, beside, I’m used to google maps and love searching for needles in haystacks…I like to see the bigger picture :wink:
Might look for the pyramids tomorrow; at the moment I’m determined to complete coverage of the current campaign map I’m on before I go to bed though :grin:


Maybe this is how they look for the meteorites. I read where they do drive around looking as well as check on foot once they think they’ve found a potential field.


I like the part about the disc. If you look at the shadows of the rocks, they are above and slightly to the left. But the shadow of the disc is directly beneath it - as though the sun is directly overhead.


I looked at the “Upcoming Events” and noticed that the last one was in December, 2014. Looks like they’re so busy with their work, the website gets neglected in a way. Still, pretty interesting reading.


When I first saw this, the first impression I got was a memory of standing at the top of a hill overlooking the edge of a field where a farmer had spread manure and then snow covered almost all of it. The only thing showing through the snow was a few “chunks,” a little brown and some reeds. So they are farming in Antarctica! :rofl:

Here’s what it looks like zoomed out over several tiles.


Those blobs look like snow rats having races on the snowy ground cover.


It’s brown snow snakes with their very wide girths. I bet they are looking for the snow rats that Claus found.


The ice turned the drill holes into SOS. Rat… tat tat. ratatatatat.


Idk what it is.


It’s a penguin colony or rookery claus. The browning I presume is their droppings. Not so noticeable in your picture but if you look at Jim’s pic you can make out their shadow, those little black lines, like bristles, I’m assuming are their shadows.


Yep, EM, you are so correct! Penguins and pooh. You would think with soo much pooh there would be all sorts of bacterial colonies, but it is probably too cold.


I’m learning, I’m learning…and I’m remembering it too…thanks to you Beverly1 :grin:


After I finished that map and started a new one, I thought out loud, "Oh good Lord! I forgot to mark all those… er… forget it… they’re penguins, not seals. Duh! :roll_eyes:


I know what you mean Jim, I had the same thought myself…think we’re on autopilot…see something, tag it :rofl:


I don’t remember is @claus or anyone else had posted this, but here’s a screenshot of an ice drilling operation I came across.

Gee… the people look just like those penguins in the other screenshot! :laughing:

And here’s a crack from lava/hot mud from the volcano wwwaaaaayyyyy up and to the left (off this map). When you zoom in you can see inside the crack is that muddy brown (not dark shadow) and where the ice on either side is not smooth, you can make out a faint brownish tint where it’s trying to push up through the ice (or where the ice is melting over it). You can also see the original crack in the ice which is running in a nearly perfect straight line. The “lava crack” kind of deviates from it in places. No seals here!

EDIT: Here’s the link (sorry): https://www.tomnod.com/campaign/antarctica_pilot_2/map/1g3kxgyt


Reminds me of the opening scenes of “The Day After Tomorrow” when the star was in you know where doing you know what… and thus started the disaster movie.

Wondered where you all disappeared to… I’ve been over checking for sailboats… almost 5k now!
Never even noticed the campaign disappeared on the welcome page… I just go to where I left off.
Should I stop? Anyone check what I posted, I see likes, but no comments. I may place the final zoom in there… un marked.