April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


Oops, yes, sorry Doug4 but I think that campaign ended last week some time. The only one up at the moment is the Weddell seals.

I may be one of the “likes” brigade, if a topic/post is beyond my level of knowledge or is totally out of my league, I just tend to stay quiet and pop a like in instead…just so’s you know you are not being ignored :wink: :grin:


After watching the girls on playing outside, I realized what they were doing… making “slip 'n slides” for the penguins and seals. :rofl:


Too much to learn :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments… I noted in another posting of yours that one can always 'return to where you left off". I’ve done that since way back on MH370… the sailboat is still alive done that way… there are of course many campaigns that have Closed notices on them… I figured today that they had enough people doing it an wanted more for the seals survey… I’m going to pause at 5K until it is clarified. I do know that the physical world search was stood down a fair while ago… still no over concern from the sailing community boards… just that time will tell. Anyway I came over here to say hello to you guys… I’m not a seal counter… or even a cat person… ha ha! I’m a Doug.


:blush: oops, sorry Doug, think I failed to mention that it’s useful to check in through the main page frequently for just such occasions as this…'twas the same mistake I made way back when :confounded:

If the campaign is still live/ongoing, they will shunt it down below the main campaign under “Current Campaigns” in favour of the latest or most urgent I think. As the sailboat campaign has disappeared altogether, I think you can safely assume it is now closed.

Although access to any of the older closed campaigns through links posted here or your own saved links it’s really only for exploration out for your own personal interest.

Another tip I find useful on certain campaigns is zooming out the TN screen to -5 gives you reveals the size of the map you are on and current position…how much you have yet to clear :persevere: By zooming out your browser screen to the max reveals the map under the grid which is useful when you aren’t sure if it’s cloud you are seeing on smoke plooms in say a wild fire campaign. So in that respect, access to older campaigns does have it’s uses, particularly for newbiesw :wink:


Thank you for those links, Claus. I did watch the video and I copied the other links to my multi-clipboard to check out later tonight. (Grandma just took over the baby while dad gave the two girls their baths and is putting them to bed. Myself? I get to run down to my house to clean the cat’s litter box. :roll_eyes:)


I’ve had dogs, cats, birds (even ones that blamed their messes of bird seed on the floor on the dog :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) turtles, Guinea pigs, fish, etc… I wonder what that makes me… a gluten for punishment? :thinking:



Wheat prolamins are called gliadins, barley prolamins are hordeins, rye prolamins are secalins and oats prolamins are avenins, which are collectively named gluten.

You might be a ‘glutton’ for punishment…the scientific name for a ‘wolverine’, a ravenous critter from the north.


Darn spell checker! I did type it correctly, but the spell checker popped up and without really looking at what it was suggesting, I just clicked on it and it changed to gluten. What? :rofl: Had I bothered to look at it, it would have had a line for me to “add to dictionary” since it apparently wasn’t in it. Thank you for correcting me. Now to go into the dictionary, add that word - and delete a ton of doubles I found over the course of time. :thinking:


It wasn’t a correction… just a gentle play on words… I was trying to get in the mood…

Speaking of which… did you ever see “The Day After Tomorrow” the opening scenes definitely showed the drilling and the big crack in the ice… and very dramatically. I wonder if they knew this new piece would break off one day… ha ha! Now I have to go and place a interesting bit somewhere on the sailbot topic…
Nothing to do with the search itself, just something I found funny… a rare thing…


Okay Doug, I haven’t see that film, but it does sound interesting. Maybe it was their fault for cracking the ice and causing it to break off. :wink:


UFOs are everywhere, even in Antarctica. I found one either just entering or just leaving its hanger. :wink:
UFO conspiracy people would have a field day with this one! :smile:



This looks like one of the original communications satellites (ComSat or Telstar? Can’t remember what is was called off-hand.), complete with its shadow, and 2 faces (alien of course!). I think my eyes are getting tired. Goodnight! :sleeping:


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My guess is undersea volcano, because of the brown colour.
Could be somewhere around this similar look. Google map…


I’m not sure if what I found here are baby seals or “dirty ice,” but the three groups appear to be running in a different direction (lower left to upper right) than the background specks (lower right to upper left). Also, there is a fainter “smudge” to the left of the three groups of dark specks.

EDIT: Never mind… I found several more… They’re seals, and lot’s of them… mostly little ones. Tagging, tagging… tagging until I’m going cross-eyed. :dizzy_face::weary::sleeping: Good night! (3:05 AM)


God find Jim.
Lover right corner on this pic.
People or Bigfoot?


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Claus, I clicked on the link and was loaded map tile: tooxgy27 instead of tooxhy17. I even typed the map tile URL in manually and was again loaded the “…gy27” instead of “…hy17” tile. The tile I am loaded is on the very right edge of the map, so I’m assuming your link is on another map that the software doesn’t want me to see… the little stinker! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: