April 2017 Part 2 - Antarctica: Weddell seals - points of interest


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Yes its frustrating when the map numbers changes, yes another map now.


Many something.


I think it’s because they crop out anything interesting like that we find and post on here :wink:
I’ve noticed it with a few interesting things posted here which I’ve gone to look at when I was catching up; they’d just cropped out those sections :confused:


Aren’t they penguins in that pic Jim ?


The Lion King :wink:


It did it to me again, Claus! I clicked on your link and was taken to another map with fairly close coordinates. My guess is maybe we’re getting a little behind on this project and this is Tomnod’s way of giving us a little push? :grinning:


I couldn’t tell as the server wouldn’t let me view that map tile - or map! It kept on sending me to an adjacent map.


Looks like a very cold alien! :rofl:
Hey! I just realized that I was able to see that map tile! The server wouldn’t let me look at the one that Claus had posted. Are they giving Claus “private” or “privileged” maps? :thinking::laughing:


@Jim7 and @claus I remember sometime last week coming across a rather large/long map and seemed to slow things down for me. I think that might have been loaded in one piece by mistake and now they have chopped it up, so to speak, into smaller more manageable sections like the rest perhaps :confused:


That may be, but you would think that you could still click on a link to another map that someone else posted and be able to check it out. :thinking: I’ll try Claus’ link again. The first time I tried, I only had a tab for the forum open. I hadn’t yet opened the link I copied to my clipboard from where I left off yesterday, so maybe by not already having a map open the server decided to give me one - regardless of the link I clicked on from the forum? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t know anything anymore Jim :sob: I keep opening links and closing links from in here and some work and some don’t and I don’t know where I’m up to now :weary: And every time I switch tabs I go to my game of patience while I wait for it to load…gonna have to stop this before I break Tomnod and all shout at me :worried:

I tried Claus’ link but it didn’t work for me either :confounded: :laughing:


Oh and I’ve gone “Incognito” in Chrome; that seems to have speeded up scrolling through the map at least :grin: not much help speeding up loading the maps though :confused:


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Claus, this afternoon as I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR, WAMC, Albany, NY) they had a group of scientists there taking questions about many different topics. One caller asked about some photos he had seen of “brown ice and snow” in Antarctica. One scientist said it was from brown algae which grows beneath the more shallow ice where the sun’s UV light penetrates. He even said it will surface and show up as “mud” along stress cracks and breaks in the ice. Hmmm… :thinking: This may explain the large areas of brown we’ve come across. So now we have red and brown algae - but no green or blue (yet). Still, I’m sure a few photos we seen are indeed remains of volcanic activity.


Jim I agree, it is most likely both brown algae and black volcanic activity we can see in these pictures. Thanks.




pretty big people… maybe bigfoot? or else the scale is wacko.


Only 50 meters high :wink: