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I found this amazing website for art, design, craft, photography, and illustration that one could spend hours looking through. Lots of inspiration for anyone who likes to create things.

Here’s just one item: a film of magnetic shavings being altered by a magnet and filmed at close range

From the about page:

Launched in 2010 by writer and curator Christopher Jobson, Colossal is one of the largest visual art, design, and culture blogs on the web reaching an audience of 2-3 million visitors every month. We pride ourselves in celebrating the work of both established and emerging artists across a vast field of creative endeavors, featuring 5,000+ articles on fine art, crafts, design, animation, photography, street art, illustration, and architecture. We also explore the beauty of the natural world at the intersection of art and science.

Over the last seven years we’ve been honored with accolades by The National Endowment for the Arts, TED, PBS, and appearances in Apple and Google commercials. Colossal won the UTNE Media Award for Arts Coverage in 2013, and was nominated for a Webby.

2017 July to Dec - Cageycat Catnip Lounge -- now open!

I tried to recatagorize the above entry on the art website under “fun finds” but maybe I have to be moderator :thinking:
Or maybe “resources” would be more appropriate. It doesn’t seem to fit in with all of these cat GIFs :joy:


I don’t know why you can’t recatagorise it keteg, I’ve just done it for you; I don’t think you have to be a moderator (maybe just a regular-I forget at what level it is you can do that, it was a long time ago OldLady) :thinking: Did you click on the pencil beside title?


select the category then click the tick below (as in the first image :wink: )


Hi Kate & Em,

Thank you Em for explaining how to categorize posts.

Kate, “Fun Finds” are for fun objects we see in satellite images. That is why I catted your post into Water Cooler.

We really need some new forum categories.



Thanks @EmeraldEyes and @cageycat for the help and clarification! :grin:


You found that emoji of my wife! Of course she only uses glasses for reading, and doesn’t need a cane as of yet - unless it’s to keep me in line. :grin: