Asia - Any idea what this is in the middle of nowhere


Don’t know where it is in Pakistan but looks like a castle from above surrounded by wire fencing possibly


Looks like a militairy installation. In the shadow you can see the antenna’s. There are 2 towers on the corner and a court yard. The sandberm is to provide protection from direct fire, and there is a fence surrounding the installation. Further to the North and South there are similar installations following a canal/road (a bit unclear). There is also a sandberm running on the western side of the road. It could be a border.


Aah, your’re right, there a many of them all along that road/canal…didn’t have enough time to explore the whole map when I posted. It does look like a border though, now that you mention it. Thanks Bauke


These structures are along the Iran - Pakistan border. Just can’t find a match in GoogleEarth…


Ohhh, @kateg, now you’ve done it! I’m off to google to try and find it…I’ll never get to bed tonight. Thank crunchy it’s the weekend :smile:


yes, this is addictive


Found it @kateg, on the Iran/Afghan boarder! It was @Bob1 who inadvertently led me to it with the coordinates he posted of sensor flares on the 'Asia ‘ghost’ post in the end :smile:
Ok, now for my next mission :sunglasses:

32°49’53.7"N 60°40’38.4"E google maps:°49’53.7"N+60°40’38.4"E/@32.831589,60.677336,787m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en


Great! It’s interesting that Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran all use the same architecture for their border patrol buildings (which are used to patrol each other!)