Asian villages - Structure or not?


Could you all please look at this location: - I came accrose these round objects before and am wondering whether these are structures like huts or something - or maybe something completely else. For the time being, I’m marking them as ‘not sure’ - Any advise would be welcome!


Although there’s been no official confirmation from Tomnod, after the evidence presented in this thread the user consensus is that they are piles of rice straw, not buildings.


Thank you for the reply and the link, Bob, yes, it looks like the consensus is on corp-heaps - I’ll tag as ‘not buildings’ then!


Agricultural storage stack


I would agree that these are piles of hay only because I have seen similar piles near conventional buildings.


Are the structures within (and outside) the polygon buildings? All I can see are crumbled walls and their shadows. Is this an optical illusion, in other words: Do I miss something? :sunglasses:


I didn’t tag them as buildings because in my mind a building has a roof-but I could be wrong!


It’s good that shadows are so long on that image, because they show the actual shape of the structure that cannot be seen from above. I’m almost sure those are the remains of destroyed buildings, so I wouldn’t tag them.

You are obviously right, people will sometimes live in housings that lack one or two walls, but never without a roof. It’s not unusual however to see abandoned buildings without a roof, specially in developing countries… people take the roofing materials with them when they abandon the place. But of course, I still wouldn’t mark them as buildings… I know they are buildings technically speaking, but they are not occupied :thumbsup:


Could it be a predator proof corral. Look


Sorry: Can not see my hyperlink:


If you zoom out and look around a little this whole area looks to be in ruins and abandoned


@Stilman_Hector_Danie, Mariet & Penny – These do look like the eroding walls of mud-brick or adobe buildings. I’m guessing that the preferential erosion of the southeast faces is the result of prevailing winds and storms from the southeast.

Interestingly, there’s a circular ruin in the village just to the NNE of polygon 356660. It appears similar in structure and size to the one in polygon 356801 reported in this thread (we were wondering if it was an impact crater). It turns out that 356801 is within this general region of eroded buildings, about 16-18km SSW from 356660 (the distance is a rough estimate, I’m measuring off my monitor).


This one is impressive, large area full of those things, zoom out to -4…
And to the north of the polygon, huge “crater” like the previous ones and the remains of something square and large…

EDIT: if you zoom in the circular structure and look at the shadows, there are some clues that could confirm they were human made structures once (besides the fact of it being in the middle of a ruined town!)… like horizontal beams and shiny spots in the shadow that I interpret as windows in a wall).


@Stilman_Hector_Danie – Awesome! I’m guessing it might be the remains of a qalat.


@Bob1 I think you hit the spot… did a quick search for aerials of “qalats” and…


@Bob1 I’ve seen many of these now and was wondering if they were the result of the ravages of war rather than ancient artifact? These are whole towns which have been abandoned, some with newer dwellings built within the ruins. They certainly stopped me in my tracks and made me think :neutral_face:


@EmeraldEyes – good question! I’m guessing that most of the ruins we’re seeing are the result of time rather than war. There seems to be no cratering or explosion debris that I can see, at least at the resolution of these images. The walls appear to exhibit the rounded corners typical of eroded mud brick, with accumulations of sediment at the base. All the structures of similar size in a location exhibit similar amounts of erosion, which is greatest on the same side (frequently the south-southeast), suggesting that’s the direction facing prevailing winds.