Australia Validation - blank screen


I’m getting a blank screen, even after refreshing and reloading. Is anybody else getting this? I’ve had no problems over the last half hour, then the maps went black.


Yes, it’s the same for me.


Yes I am getting the same thing. I am sure that someone will pop in to get it fixed. OR

Perhaps the campaign has already ended as far as the mapping has been done and they haven’t removed it, OR

They might be adding more maps and we just opened the campaign as they were adding those. You might check back to see if new maps have been added later, or if you check and it is missing then we will know that means it has been complete. OR

There was a time parameter that was allowed for like two days turn around to gather the information for some pressing event for the originator of the campaign request.

Does keep it exciting! :upside_down:


Can someone paste a link to a blank screen? Thank you!


I am going to mark this one as solved for now. The campaign is completed. If we see links to blank tiles we will re-open and investigate.