Beijing DRAW - disappearing polygons


I found a city block with no polys so I started working.,116.45280092954636,z19

If I move over 1/2 screen width, a poly I drew disappears (on different buildings).

Since they look untouched, we’ll end up drawing over top of each other’s drawings.


I was in there last night…was that you playing cat and mouse with me :laughing: @kateg was also there along with a few other Guests.

Every time I found, what I thought was an untouched area, I’d start drawing around a building and suddenly a complete draw would appear right on top of my half complete one :open_mouth:

So I cancelled mine and I moved away from that area and started again on another building…same thing happened again…and again…and again :confused:

So I moved waaaay, way down the screen to the other end of the map, found a nice big slice of uncovered map (still greyed out) and got stuck in again :relaxed: Lo and behold, someone started drawing all over me… again! :confounded: :angry:

Sooo…I moved again and carried on playing dodge to complete a draw before someone drew over me. Then the campaign decided to refresh itself and my name disappeared. I refreshed again, then the campaign decided to reboot and got itself hung up and everything fell apart :persevere:

So, I swiftly ditched the campaign nipped over to Libya and took a dip in the Med to wash off all that blue scribble all over me :laughing:

One of those days when tenacity and perseverance just didn’t pay off :persevere:


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@cageycat the blue building footprint polygons are loading fairly quickly for me (within a few seconds). I’ve drawn a few and moved my screen around and am unable to replicate the disappearing polygon. We’ll keep an eye on it though :slight_smile:

@EmeraldEyes we expanded the area of the campaign yesterday & updated the system on the back end, so you may have gotten caught in that. Let me know if you continue experiencing issues.


This was happening to me too!


I am seeing a lag in the time existing polygons appear… looking into it now!


Yeah, the old ones came in, stayed solid… I drew nearby, and the new one took, stayed solid… then, this and that and another next door, above, below from the previous ones would go poof. Maybe it was just us 3 having a party last night and accidentally we banged into and popped rectangular polys?

You see those 2 weird looking roofs? The solid color disappeared, then line by line of the outline went poof, like watching an invisible hand playing Pick up Sticks! LOL


Laughed my socks off at that one…in fact, I’m still laughing about last nights antics in Beijing, was starting to feel like I had a stalker :laughing: Everywhere I went to draw, someone would come and draw right over me. Then I thought heck it’s crowded in here tonight 'cos every where I went there were guests and we were colliding with each other :confounded: Or maybe they were all clambering to get the biggest buildings 'cos they struggle to see the little ones or maybe competing to see who could draw the most. :laughing:

It was fund to watch and play with my imagination…until I gave myself a headache :smirk:


We’ve opened a new section of Beijing in a separate/new campaign to try and bypass some of these issues. You can find the new DRAW campaign here: