Beijing DRAW - "Loading Campaign" started again


I was in the middle of a poly, so I’m going to have errant lines. It won’t stop loading.


Things are fine on our end. Individual user internet connections may affect the campaign experience.


I know what you mean about connections dropping out, etc.

I think there might be a different explanation, though, because my signal was great at the time. But if my idea about this is right, I don’t know what, if anything, Tn might do to help reduce the “effect” when in DRAW. Let me explain, so you can ask the Techs…

I had been drawing with ease. I moved to the next building, dropped the 2nd point. But lots of older folks have nerve or muscle conditions that cause an involuntary 2nd tap. It is most apparent when using a computer mouse or dialing a touch-tone phone, or any “fine detail” work (like hitting a small webpage button; or today, I’m having to backspace a lot to remove double letters from my typing).

So I’m wondering, what response does Tn server give when it registers a “tap” (vs a minor horizontal or vertical movement to a new point) on the screen, especially with the draw tool open? Might that small tap produce the “Loading Campaign” screen from Tn? If this might explain the result, is there anything Techs can do to tell the server to ignore a user’s input of a screen tap occurring within a millisecond affter dropping a drawing point / dot? (and therefore, the tap is right on top of the dot just made)

I waited last night… seemed like about 5 minutes of the Loading Campaign screen. When it finally came back, drawing went smoothly again. So could my involuntary extra tap cause what I’m seeing? Could techs try to mimic what I’m describing (drop a dot on draw followed immediately by a mouse tap on top of the same dot) to see what happens with the server response? I’m hoping they might be able to tell the server that dot-scroll to a new position is fine, but to ignore a dot placement followed by a tap on top of the dot.

I could not find my unfinished draw, so I don’t know if it didn’t save? Or iif it left a long line from that building.