Black Screen for Eternity



I still have a black screen when I try to access the main site. It is just totally black, so I can’t see anything else. I can’t see a ‘contact us’ bit or any other details at the bottom of the page or wherever because it is all black. I don’t have this problem on any other website. I have asked before on here and CageyCat tried to help but couldn’t. She/he suggested I contact someone else, which I did but they didn’t ever get back to me. I have been black screened out since about November I think. I have also tweeted for help and nobody ever replies.

This is my final call because I’m guessing you don’t mind losing a volunteer. After this I’m giving up because I’m guessing that’s what the silence is telling me to do.

It was nice while it lasted.


The old Tomnod that we knew and loved seems gone–replaced by Peruvian artifacts. Interesting, but perhaps with less impact on humans in distress and catastrophes to be prevented?



First, I’m very sorry you never got an answer from @tomnodjon @TomnodLuke @tomnodryan I’m sending this shoutout to the Tomnod Tech people in hopes they can look at your account and see what is happening.

However, if I might ask first, have you tried signing into GlobalXplorer platform? Reason I ask is that right now the Tomnod platform is mirroring the GlobalXplorer platform and GX’s Peru campaign is the same on Tomnod. Perhaps if we can get you on via GlobalXplorer, you can have something nice to play with while they look more at your Tomnod problem. Would you try GlobalXplorer and let me know if you can access them?

By the way, Sophie, I do understand your feelings, “This is my final call because I’m guessing you don’t mind losing a volunteer. After this I’m giving up because I’m guessing that’s what the silence is telling me to do.” I hope you’ll stick around. At least half of 2016 was more than stressful-weird for TN Staff with getting WV4 launched, then helping prepare images and launch Dr Sarah’s GX platform! They’ve had a very busy year. Not making excuses, though, cos we miss @HappyMapper 's voice too.


@N3SGD My understanding of the GlobalXplorer platform is that it has been temporarily mirrored on Tomnod ( ). This, I believe, was to give Dr. Sarah’s groundbreaking Ted-Talk prize-winning idea a nice exposure for Nodders around the world to try out and shake out the platform’s bugs. (like the contrast issues). But Tn and Gx are separate and will be separated again in the future (from my understanding, at least). Gx is like a giant Christmas Tree that stays up for a longggg time so ALL of us Nodders get to crawl under and find all the presents :wink: (watch yer step around the choo-choo train tracks!).

But Tn’s purposes have not changed, to my knowledge. Sooner or later, we’ll be back to tagging floods and counting huts and giving data to estimate boat demographics and fish populations (ah, salmon! mine-- all mine!) . :smiley: Am I right, @HappyMapper @Tomnod ?

Cageycat :cat:
Tomnod Mod


Thanks, Cageycat. You are both kind and clarifying. Thanks for being a Tomnodder !!.


Are you using Internet Explorer 11 or earlier? I was having the same problem with the black screen, I switched first to the Edge Browser (the Windows 10 native browser), and recently I’ve been using Google Chrome, both work just fine and I haven’t had the black screen problem since switching.


Thanks so much! I’ll definitely give this a go.


Thanks for going to all the trouble of passing on all that info. I’ll have a go and see what happens. :blush:


I’m in! On Edge and in GlobalXplorer. Thanks so much!!