Bug: Cocos - Map Notification totals gone haywire?


Notifications (right side of map screen) seems haywire (maybe)? It usually gives a red number for notifications; how many miles finished; how many tags matched.

Logged in to over 470-some notifications. Watched it unwind to zero after opening the screen and just closing it. Did 470+ other people vote on tags today? If so, great, welcome aboard! Just unusual to see that high of a number on tag notices.

Edit: after posting this, I went back to the map and the blue notification boxes started filling my screen, rather than the map. Count is 100 more in minutes…odd.

Edit 2: 6 tags; 44 consensus; but Notifications still rolling in?

Edit 3: My notifications are still climbing. And proliferating their blue boxes on my map. Consensus only increased by 4 pts. Could you check this?


We are having an influx of visitors, partly due to this article on the National Geographic site about the Cocos Island campaign (pretty cool!).

If it’s still acting wonky, let us know and we’ll look into it :eyeglasses:


That explains the numbers --I’ll ignore it. :smile:

However, would you ask why the blue notification boxes tile and fill my map screen? Maybe it’s just the increased notif. numbers exceeding the right panel length? Can they tile or overlap inside that area?

Chrome Incognito
Browser usually at 125 to 175% and Tn at Z1. But with the notification boxes loading onto the screen, it changes the map loading size to the notification box sizes. I’m having to reset browser enlargement / or zoom until the boxes stop coming on the screen. It’s interfering with grabbing the map to swipe or click the next map.


Hmmm, are they appearing and then disappearing on their own? Or are they appearing and then staying (ie. you have to click out of each of them)?


I’m having the same problem with notifications constantly cycling. Have to click out to get rid of them. Also, into the new area of Cocos (the 49xxxxxx area) and system is stopping and refusing to fully load the search squares. Tried logging out, refreshing, nothing works for now. Running Chrome, Win10. Haven’t had any previous problems with this set-up.


Looks like the images are still caching on the back end. This will resolve itself in a little time, but @TomnodDEV is there anything we can do to make the caching go faster?

Here’s a link to one of the new images: http://www3.tomnod.com/campaign/cocosisland_illegalfishing_2015_01/map/49gxhy2e


I’ll take a break for an hour or two and see if the problem fixes itself.


The notifications stay, all big and blue. And quite annoying LOL.

They remove themselves with changing browser setting or Z setting.


@TomnodDEV same topic different issue -blue notifications are popping-up many at a time, covering much of the map and needing to be clicked out of.

@cageycat and @Harold if you see this again can you try and post a screenshot for our Dev team?


We’ve seen this issue and we’ll look into it. No screenshot needed. For now, wait a few seconds and they’ll go away.