Campaign Notifications by Email


How does one get notified of new campaigns? I just found out about this because of your post.
Likewise the Flood campaign.

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Good Morning @Michael10! If you go to your preferences half way down the page you can set that up. Now I am set up for it but haven’t received notice in quite a while. Perhaps @HappyMapper can check and see why we aren’t receiving them. I just log in daily as a Mod anyway so I pop to the campaigns page to see if something new has been added. Normally I try to work a few maps at least but sometimes I just wear the “Mod” hat! IF you are still having problems after you double check your preferences let one of the Mods or @HappyMapper know and we will see what is up.

Have a great day! Pastor Ruth ~ Tomnod Mod


Thanks @Pastor_Ruth

So, do I need ‘send me email…even when I am active’, or ‘mailing list mode’?


p.s. Good night @Pastor_Ruth, almost midnight in Oz…


I have mine all checked… that way if I miss a post I catch the next time I check email but that is because I am a mod. Mostly if I am mapping I keep both tabs for the forum and the mapping open. If you look at the tab for the forum it will show a little number on the tab indicating that there is a message posted to something you have worked on. Also I get pop ups in the lower right corner telling me a comment has been made. You may not want, or need, that much information. It is really about how involved you want to be with the Tomnod experience.


Goodnight to ya! :zzz: Catch you on the next visit. ~ PR


I always have 3 tabs open, Forum, Tomnod and Tomnod on Facebook :wink:


My notifications stopped long, long ago. I just check the Tomnod site and the forum.


Mine did for for a long while, but then they started up again months ago . . . . though I haven’t had time to check emails for a while now. Think I’d better go in and have a clear out :smile: