Campaigns - General Info


I posted this elsewhere, but I’d like to post it again.

DigitalGlobe provides services to the global community in 2 ways. One is through their paid contracts. Second are what we talk about as “humanitarian” projects. These projects need a connection to ground authorities so they can get the data. DG may have other considerations in mind before tasking a project, including limited staff to oversee it.

DG absorbs the costs of these humanitarian projects. They have no obligation to do them.

This year has been an extreme year of disasters. They (nor we) can possibly do all of the sites, nor can DG be expected to front what would be exorbitant costs to cover all of them. DG does what it can, considering weather (clouds) and enough AOI (areas of interest), and a local-ground connection to use the data. For example, Forest Fires are difficult projects unless loss of homes is great (like Canada was); otherwise, we would only be left to tag burnt trees. :frowning:

For Hurricanes and Typhoons, DG might end up running the satellites many times, trying to get a high percent of cloudless images. Houston’s campaign earned criticism regarding the clouds, but projects often get a partial cloud layer. DG and Nodders work around the clouds as best we can.

Keep posting about known world-environmental events, but understand that DG will do what they can.



Thank you @cageycat! We are hustling to get some Irma tagging available. Hoping for the end of the day today or early tomorrow. But thank you for your understanding! So many factors go into getting these campaigns up so we appreciate any leeway people will give us.


We aren’t pushy or anything, are we? (Innocent look)