Can the automatic zoom reset be switched off?


If I lose my place (for whatever reason) or want to back track to a particular point on any map, it takes sooo long to zoom out the screen beyond -3 as it is. If I had a mirror beside me I’m sure I could actually watch my hair going grey whilst I wait :older_woman:)

So, imagine how frustrating it is…almost to the point of tears of frustration…when I click to drag the map and my finger slips off the button or my finger twitches as it hovers over the mouse button and accidentally clicks on a tile and the blasted screen zooms right back in to full size again :confounded: :cry:

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you TN Techs. to work any more miracles than you already are…I’m sure you’ve enough to do without me whining about speed. But could you just please, please, please turn off the auto zoom…please :pray:

I’ve been meaning to put in this request for some time now, trouble is I only think about it when I find myself in this predicament and by the time I get myself back on track, it’s taken so long I’ve forgotten :smirk:

Right…back to tagging :grin:


In the mean time, I’ll just carry on praying for more rain…

…and heavier too :cry: :pray:


P.S. To the rain gods: Just not so heavy a rain that it loosens too much ash or soil and causes slides or flooding. :wink:

On the zippity-do-da aspect, my complaint is when my grip slips while swiping across tiles, Mr Zip takes over and sends me zipping down or up and diagonally across the map until it settles into a frame rows from where I had been (when I never intended to leave that row). If you could slow down the zippity-do-da sensitivity, or make it stay “in the same row”, that would be extra nice.