Can we request campaigns?


I couldn’t find any rules or terms that say we can or can’t so I’m asking here. Can we request specific campaigns? If we can, how do we do that? Post it in the forums or is there a special submission form?

Thanks everyone


Welcome @Pete3! You can suggest campaign ideas here.


Yep what she :arrow_up: said! :grin: if you need more help come on back and I will yell for Happy and she will help you!! Don’t you love how I volunteer her?!


My daughter-in-law does that a lot to me with HER kids! It’s always, “Go ask Grandpa…”, “Go see Grandpa…”, or “Grandpa will play with you.” (Not that I mind. :grimacing::wink:) The wife stopped doing that once we were married about 35 years. That was… oh yeah, 7 years ago. No wait! Eight years the end of this month! Does time fly by too fast? :neutral_face: