Canada Fire: pre-event imagery not working


Having a problem making sense of this as it has half the map… when you click the Q to check against what you can barely see on the W image it is either Black, partial Q old map or partial W current image. If that makes sense.

Here is an example:

and the next map down as well

Campaign - Canada: Wildfires

It appears you’ve found a gap in the pre-event imagery (if you navigate up a few tiles, you can see the edge of a pre-event image). We’ll work of getting a new pre-event image up for this area :slight_smile: Thanks!


Oldest is not switching. Same as Current.


I’m having a similar problem @HappyMapper. I can easily get the “Oldest” imagery at -1 or lower magnification but at 0 it just sits there on “Newest”. Flipping back and forth from -1 to 0 doesn’t help. Imagery set e3w.

Beginning at e3wxry16, and further “east” the Oldest imagery is so pixelated (low resolution) that it is completely unuseable. Artifact of the load up or actual imagery quality?


I just swapped out the pre-event imagery with a different base map -check it out & let me know how it goes. We didn’t have full coverage on the other base map I was trying to use :frowning:


Solved this problem only leaves the disappearing tags! :grin: WOO HOO love it when things work out!


What do we do when we find a “hot spot” (fire still burning)? No tag for this. :confused:


Fairly good on the switching. Pretty slow changes but I assume that there are a pot-full of people working this. LOT of smoke. What a disaster.


Yes. I actually saw a couple of clouds through the smoke. :expressionless:


This is truly terrifying:


Alas, smoke :frowning: We’re hoping to collect some SWIR imagery today & will post if the satellite tasking gods are successful


Great question -right now the fire crews have a good handle of where the fire is/was… and are really needing information on the effects of the fire & location of existing damage.


Okay, thanks. BTW, I did mark two active, remote burning fires as “Other Damage”.


OK just want to clarify:

I have seen in the few hundred maps I have done active fire (smoke in the midst of black burned out areas) and I wasn’t sure if I should place an “other” tag or skip it as I found trucks, buildings, some tanks all burned including a boat house. So I should reserve the “other” tag for the tanks, trucks and like a big dock was destroyed. Stuff like that? Frankly the destruction is so massive I just want to do one giant tag over the entire area. Bless their hearts. Thank you for letting me know if we should tag the “hot spots” or not.

Also stupid question (yeah yeah there aren’t any… I may rewrite that theory with this one): I got stuck out in the middle of only God knows where and there were a lot of power line towers. Some looked like they were missing the wires as opposed to the pre-event pictures that showed them clearly. Should we hit those towers with an “other” or is it a given that that particular infrastructure would be wiped out? I would think power would be interrupted to other regions because these were some big honking power lines. Could actually see them from space… that is some serious voltage. Yep dumb question but may be needed.:upside_down:


For 8 tiles to the left of this position
…the pre-event imagery is just blank/white (and for above and below). :frowning:


Same here all white:

Did a map jump and the same thing here:


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HappyMapper had posted about these white tiles in answering another post. She indicated to the effect that the ‘before’ map wasn’t quite synced with the ‘present’ map. If you move about 7 tiles to the right, you will get the ‘before’ tiles from that point on. :slight_smile:


Yeah but that one was fixed this was a different map. I logged out and came back in and finally found civilization… I was out with the loggers! :anguished: A VERY LONG TIME!


Okay on the map. I too am presently “out with the loggers” and the high tension lines. Mostly smoke. I’m down near the bottom of the map e3v with about 2,670 tiles finished so far.