Canada Fires - Mysterious "14 agree" floating up a tile


I was tagging the right side of

Suddenly from the bottom left (a few inches in from left) a floating “14 agree” began ‘rising from the ashes’ from the tile below (where I’ve not been yet). Like a balloon, it continued to rise up the height of the tile until it finally disappeared.

Also, a note to Nodders: Don’t forget there are often 2 houses back to back continuing down a block. Consensus is 14 on one side, but only 9-10 on the other side of houses.


Yes I’ve noticed that and wondered if some thought they might just be detached garages or extension to existing property or some such thing :slight_smile:


I’ve also seen the differences in tagging agreement numbers between both sides of a block - I did wonder whether it had something to do with the “Too Close” annoyance that I keep getting caught out by :unamused::scream: - perhaps some taggers just give up at that point…