Can't help but notice


When one goes missing, they all go missing!


@Mel_Nod was last “seen” commenting about @Michelle4.

Dr Michelle had already ventured on to Chile on her way to Antarctica. Dr Michelle soon entered the Silence black hole of No Twitter.

At the same time, Melissa went Silent. It’s now been 5 days. :frowning: Do you think Michelle stuffed Melissa into a suitcase so Melissa could have a vacay? Or did a BigFoot come down the mountains and cross the plains to grab her, kicking and screaming, as he dragged her to his lair?

Some possibilities…
Melissa is in The Mountain Lair with a bubble blower hanging on twine. Michelle perhaps boomeranged into the Australian Outback, where she met Bindi Irwin on her way to see her Mum who’s studying big cats in the rainy forests of the State of Washington. Terri Irwin invited Dr Michelle to count some furry cats, before marching with the Antarctic penguins. In the meantime, Melissa convinced BigFoot to be part of the “Big Feet-Long Hair Study” being conducted at the University of Minnesota…

Inquiring minds…


Hi All! Just a long weekend and lots of work to do. Hope you all are well!


Big Foot released her!!!


I’m sworn to secrecy about the Big-Feet-Long-Hair study!!


Well I’m not afraid of lettin the cat outta the bag . . . Big-Foot’s been found…



Dang, huge claw-feet! Wow!


Guess that’s what happens when you use ‘Miracle Grow’ plant feed instead of regular kitty litter! :confused:


Then it’s a good thing that cat didn’t sit in it! :rofl:


Ha ha ha, thought the photo hilarious :rofl:


Why don’t my imoji’s work?


Hi George1

Keep a space between a word or period and the first colon for the emoji. :smile:


one two three :horse:


Ahaa! thanks Cageycat :heart_eyes:


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