Can't load Antarctica campaign


:confounded: Can’t get Antarctica to open up :cry:
And when it does, god forbid you switch tabs to check out another website, it forever_never to reload :confounded:
I’ve only done 4.75k :open_mouth: 15 tags; and 2 of them are wrong and I can’t deleted them because it won’t let me in grrrrrrr

LET ME IN…I’m not going away :unamused:
I’ll just keep on bagging on the door until somebody opens the door :angry:

And now it’s 6pm so the net’s rebooting itself right in the middle of my rant :persevere:

Oh well, looking on the bright side @Michelle4 at least you know your campaign is popular; this always seems to happen with the popular one :wink:

@HappyMapper Split them maps quick . . . remember . . . smaller is quicker :innocent:


Hi! can you open this HERE=> (click arrow to open link)

That is center of Tent Island Search along the coast (until your problems are solved) Also search the coast along the nearby islands.



:heart_eyes: Thank you, thank you, thank you Bjarne, I’m in
…and it only asked me 3 times if I wanted to kill the page :laughing:


And plenty of Seals too :sweat_smile:


This is the end of Big Razorback. The science camp i to the left:



Thank you, thank you, thank you, you wonderful Tomnod Techies . . . . all’s forgiven . . . . boy your fast :laughing:

:kissing_heart: I’m easily pleased :blush: