Can't Sign On Tomnod


Soo trying out Microsoft Edge instead, and try learning it, how tagging works.
Its somehow easier when there is picture on :slight_smile:
Its ok today, but still the slow upstart.
Lets say I go to map nr 1, and drop 1k tags,
now I go to map nr 2,
now I donbt need the tags from map nr 1 anymore, when Im on nr 2.
I go to map nr 3 and drop 1k tags.
Next time I go on Tomnod,
It send me to a map, and I onlyneed the work and tags from that map im on.
But as it is now, as soon I go to the campaign, it start loading all my work from all the maps.


@gwinsgolf yes, it does appear that for now, chrome is our only reliable browser! Thanks as always for nodding.


I don’t literally “log off” from Tomnod, just close my browser tab. I have been shutting down Firefox at the end of the night recently though. The next day I’ll start up Firefox, go to the Tomnod homepage, and click on the Hurricane Maria campaign. The map loads quickly. Zooming out I did see a tile that I had been on when I first started this map and I had one tagged building in it. It was blacked out but the tag showed. I completed the tile I was landed on, and then went up one row and left toward where my previously started tile was. All tags were applied without a hitch (no fading/disappearing tags). Each new tile loaded quickly. Zooming in or out also was fast. I am using Windows 10 & Firefox 56.0.2 (up-to-date). No problems here.
The only thing I haven’t tried was to actually log off from Tomnod and back on.


@Mel_Nod doing a little workout with me and me, logging out ind, I sometimes come across the old black login, like today, where it wrote server issue, we couldnt log in, I thought there only was the new, which I have no problem with.



Sounds like my poem in this post

We bid you, for now, fond adieu
For we can do nothing at all for you.

Until you again align our namesakes–
We bid Auth0, Oh Auth0 to AWAKE!

Is anyone else feeling a loss of Identity? LOL


My thought is, maybee that could bee the cause to some of the issues, when to different login is around in the system.


Do you mean you are/were logged in to both accounts at the same time Claus?


No, I could be that, with to different tab´s in the browser, or 2 different browsers, and talk with myself, when nobody else is around :upside_down_face:
Sometimes tagging a little without logged in, or shift between me and me, the window comes up to log in evt. to save the work, but there is both the old (black) and the new (white) around in the system, most of the time the new comes up, but it happens the old comes up, I will take a screenshot if I comes around it again.


I can’t remember the old log in style and not noticed it pop up any time :confused:

:laughing: :laughing::laughing: Can you imagine the kind of conversations that could go on between your 2 alter-egos and @kateg’s 8 :rofl:
Mind you it could scare off any newbies if they think this place is being monopolised by just one or two schizophrenics :confounded: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t say anything bad about us :cowboy_hat_face:


What she said. @kateg8 is the kool kowboy,

I’m a :mouse:. Better hide now.


Hey! I can like my own posts!


Umpire throws flag.

Unfair Liking. Undo first down. Start over.


It dont pop up, when your logged in, try log out and tag, I guess it will pop up sooner or later. You couldn´t remember discobot either, I couldnt either.


Nope, you can like your others post :rofl:


Come on now Claus! That’s the second time you made me laugh out loud! Everyone else here is sleeping - even the dogs! I may have to wait until daylight hours to read the forum posts from now on! :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Okay, that’s three times laughing out loud! I just set off the baby monitor and that’s upstairs! :rofl:


Chrome Incognito Login FAILURES
Well as I can still see in the forum offline and it’s been 4 hrs since Cagey posted this ‘Chrome Incognito Login FAILURES’; I’ve just tried logging and am getting the same message…‘Offline for maintenance’ so as it’s Sunday, I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to get myself into trouble :wink: :smiley:
Thank crunchy for email…where there’s a will there’s a relative…I mean way
See ya’s laters :wink:


Oh, and the only reason I’m responding I’m writing about it in this post is because I haven’t had an email update of the posts done in the last 24hrs so can’t respond in cagey’s more appropriate post Chrome Incognito Login FAILURES :frowning:


@Mel_Nod I cannot sign in at all… on any browser. I have cleared everything and still no login will load. The campaign loads and as soon as I hit the sign in button I am stuck. This goes on and on and never gets to me putting in my log in information. hope this image works it’s a pic off my phone of my computer screen