Can't Sign On Tomnod


Back in online in Safari, Chrome would not let me in. WHEW…now for a nap!


So I think we need to give this 24 hours or so and see how it shakes out. I am not super up on SSL certificates but discourse told me once we got things fixed on our end we needed to circle back around with them to finish the fix. I think certificates are only completely refreshed globally every 24 hours, so it might be that long before we see complete fix on the not secure issue.

If it’s still going on in a day or so, we will need to circle back around.


I will keep doing the same…whatever works. Just had a network error on the Forum…so like you said

Thanks @Mel_Nod


Thanks Mel! :smiley::+1::+1:
I disappeared off for a while (for some therapeutic on-line shopping :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), managed to log back in, and it defaulted to using the https: site when I refreshed the page.


Ok that is good news @Helen!


Same here… refreshed page and back to normal - but still takes about 23 seconds to move from tile to tile in Hurricane Maria, and that’s at 0 zoom. But at least it’s working. :laughing:


Hi @Mel_Nod I found that if I clicked the frequently visited icons in google chrome I would get the non-secure website for both forum and tagging. If I type in the secure -https://- URL for TN I get the secure TN site. Just have to be aware not to click those icons. Will delete the old one and see if I can get a secure icon to eventually post itself.


It took a few times before mine would “stick”. As soon as I started typing a reply in the fourm, the “not secure” would come up. This morning I notice It is all staying “secure”.


On Firefox, it’s shows the site itself as being secure, not parts of it (such as images). I assume the images are stored on an insecure server.


We had this problem several times in the past. I even wrote a poem about it before…

Weddel Seals Poly - Auth0, Oh Auth0, Thou namesake is -- "Broken"


@Mel_Nod and @Jon_Saints

Member, @EmeraldEyes , sent me an email that she cannot login via any usual methods. This applies to both ( ) and ( ) and any bookmarks she has saved (which are plentiful).

Autho0 seems ‘broken’, like it has done before.

As I reported earlier in the week, the Visit Topic box-link in Emails does not work.

Could you have Jon look at Auth0 for login, please?

If anyone else is having the Auth0 issue, they won’t be able to report (since they wouldn’t get here ).

P.S. Still like my Auth0 poem from 2017 :smiley:


:smiley: Thanks Cagey; fingers crossed I can at least post responses in here via the email forum updates :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I guess I’ll just have to wait 'til the Techies work their magic

Better hide the catnip though or it could be a loooong wait :smiley:


Hopefully soon you can log on!!!


Working on it, thanks for the heads up @cageycat. If you are logged in right now, don’t log out! Thanks all.


Ok all, we are having no issues logging in to Tomnod now. If you are still having issues, will you go to a fresh browser window and url, and try again? Thanks!


:frowning: I’m afraid it’s still not working for me Mel :confused:


Hi @EmeraldEyes, are you still unable to log in? We are not seeing any issues in the auth/server logs. In fact we are showing a successful login from you about 30mins ago.

A couple things to check
Are you definitely using the correct email address? (sorry, just checking :grimacing: …it would explain why we’re not seeing any issues for your user on our end)

Have you gone to a new browser window and new (instead of any other url ie manually entering https…)

What is happening when you can’t log in? Are you seeing errors? What is happening and can you send a screenshot or a series of events? Thanks for your help!!


What ever changed… I was able to log into H. Maria ??


I logged into the forum (automatically) a few hours ago by using a link I have in my multi-clipboard. It brings me to the “Latest” and I am automatically logged in. This must have to do with cookies. This is the link I use all the time:

Note that it shows only “http” and NOT “https”. But once I am connected, the icon in the address bar shows the lock with the warning icon (that part of the site is not secure, probably the images).


I’m using https: on both

Just in case this helps @Mel_Nod this is what shows up bottom left corner when I get kicked out of H. Maria…just happened. I don’t know if it will help at all…