Categorising dilemma when posting


I find the category descriptions confusing sometimes and this post is a perfect example of that

It’s an uncategorised post so I put it in “Campaign Specific” as Harold is working on the Indonesian campaign. But thinking about it, it’s a tip which can be applied on most campaigns, therefore it’s not really bound to “Campaign Specific”

I naturally thought to re-categorise it to “Resources” as a useful tip not to be lost and could be missed/overlooked if trapped in a “Campaign Specific” category. But then I read the description for the Resources category and hesitated as this is not an article on analysis or local culture but a fellow nodder’s tip for getting around the maps! Though I’ve noticed that seems to be where the tips are stored.

So then I thought maybe this one:-

…though it’s not an improvement nor related to the forum.

I then considered putting it under “Technical Issues” but it’s not an “issue” as such.
I now think of the many tips, tricks and suggestions which have been trapped in “Campaign Specific” categories over time and now buried deep down in the black hole of past posts never to be read again once that campaign has ended - what a loss :disappointed_relieved:

In the end I thought oh heck just leave it under “Campaign Specific” (after all it’s addressing the “Indonesia fires” campaign) and start a new post on my dilemmas over categorising :weary:

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right category here :sweat_smile:
I have similar trouble with the emoticons…the facial expressions don’t always match their labels in my view :confused:


I’m thinking of trying to go back through the posts and collect all the Tips and Tricks under one or two new posts.


Snap, was thinking of doing the same thing. I suppose the thing to do would be to start one post named tips and tricks or use the other one you set up for newbies and just go through posts and drop anything we find into it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Tomnod forum is constantly evolving with the goal of driving relevant & engaging content for the community and by the community.

The “Meta” category is just the place to discuss these topics (read this post to learn more about meta).


Yay, so I did get it right eventually :grinning: Thanks @HappyMapper, think I was just having a senior moment yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: