Children: What they say... What they do


I created this topic because too many times comments have been posted in many other different topics - sometimes interfering with the “flow” of the topic threads. :innocent: Okay… I’m guilty! :laughing:


That’s like when the girls would ask me to read them bedtime stories. I’d tell them to get the books they wanted me to read and I’d leave the room for a minute. When I returned they each a pile of 5-8 books sitting on the bed next to each other. (I did say books… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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:smile: We always had the 2 book rule (skinny books) But if they had a joint book they were following, they’d still try getting their 2 books after…ok, occasionally we’d give in to that, specially if they were our favourites too :laughing: Owl Babies and Lost Little Pig :grin:


Silly parents! Announce that each child must memorize 1 short story. Then, the kids must tell you their story on (pick a night).


Did that once. Eva’s story was so long with multiple changes to the original story. She even combined some things from other stories. It was so long that Olivia was asleep for 10 minutes before Eva got to the end. :laughing: And Eva wasn’t tired at all! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I had to lay there next to her as she rambled on (she gets that from her grandfather :innocent:), finally falling asleep about 30 minutes later. No, I think I’ll stick to reading them stories. :smiley:


Aww wuss…

Eva sounds creative. Makes up tales, like her grandfather. Bet she notices details in life, too. Ask her teacher.


Nah, that would just have taken half the night. Besides it was a fun reading exercise for them too, they’d do a bit and we would do a bit, back and forth like that :wink: Yeh, and we didn’t always stick to the written word either, so in a way, it was similar to your suggestion I guess :smile:


I never read the books word for word - until Olivia learned to read. She’d say to me, “Grandpa! That’s not what it says!” :roll_eyes:

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Our granddaughter, Eva, who started out spending Saturday night at our house (Grandma & Grandpa’s) has not gone home yet. Today is Tuesday! When she asked about spending another night, her father reminded her that she had Jujitsu tonight. He suggested that when they got back, her mother should be home from work and she could ask her about spending another night. Eva’s reply was, “Oh no, Daddy! Once Mommy gives me a hug she won’t want me to go back down to Grandma’s house. Mommy misses me!” :laughing: Smart kid… always thinking ahead! My son ran her straight back down here after Jujitsu and Eva Facetimed her sister Olivia. After the sisters talked for a while… a rather long while… Eva finally asked to speak to her mother. She had every excuse under the sun as to why she should spend another night away from home. Her mother gave in, but told her she definitely had to come home tomorrow afternoon. Eva agreed and when she ended the call, turned to me, winked and gave me the “thumbs up!” :laughing: When I told Grandma her little darling is spending another night, this is what Grandma’s face looked like: :grimacing: :tired_face: and then :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (I think my wife was hoping for a “rest.” :wink:)

Note: For anyone from one of those countries where a “thumbs up” is considered a rude/dirty gesture, in this country it means “nice job”, “well done”, etc…


And in the world of scuba diving it means going up, your resurfacing. So if you’re ever scuba diving don’t mistakenly give anyone the thumbs up sign to indicate you are “ok” or for a “well done” because you’ll wind up with some very unhappy dive buddies with you on the surface if you’ve inadvertently abandoned a dive :sweat_smile:


I remember seeing a video on YouTube quite some time ago that was made for people traveling the world (or just to other countries) for their first time. It was made to show how certain gestures that are used in one country have completely different meanings in other countries. Some gestures could actually get you into a fist fight because what you thought was a friendly gesture is the complete opposite or considered a “dirty” gesture in another country. Live and learn… but better to learn first.


I was outside on my porch and a neighbor was walking up the street with his two small sons. The older of the two started walking ahead of his father and brother, and walked right across the intersection of the dead end street. His father said to him, “You didn’t look both ways before you crossed!” The boy replied, “I have ears… I could hear there were no cars coming.” :roll_eyes: The boy had a point, but you don’t always hear an approaching car until it’s too late. :grimacing: The father looked over to me and said, “Kids just seem to want to listen anymore.” So, to make him feel that it’s just not his kids, I told him I have a hard time getting my granddaughters to watch the school bus driver for her signal to cross the street after they’ve gotten off the bus. They only look at her about half the time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I read this profile article on the author Stephen King. When his kids were young, he had them read books aloud and record them to cassette tapes so he’d always have a book on tape to listen to and his kids got to practice reading aloud. I had never heard of anyone doing this, but it is a great idea (I don’t think they read his books :scream:).

Update: I just googled and found the article. Turns out I read it 6 years ago :scream::scream::scream::scream:


So you also had a **time lapse" in your memory? (:roll_eyes:) Don’t feel bad. I do that all the time - but I guess that doesn’t mean anything coming from me. :laughing: I’m always telling my wife about this, that and the other thing. She’ll roll her eyes and tell me, “that was 15 years ago!” Of course I just have to tell her how great my memory is to have remembered that in such vivid detail. Then the smarty pants will ask me something that happened an hour ago. My response if either “Huh?” or dead silence. :laughing: