Chrome Incognito Login FAILURES


"Offline for maintenance
This app is undergoing maintenance right now.
Please check back later.

Page (bottom left): HEROKU (all caps) [ Internet says: Heroku Platform as a service company – Comment, eh, not much “service” there today… LOL

The message above has appeared all day in Incognito. I can see the forum but not log in there.
Regular Chrome login - I was already logged in & not about to log out now LOL.


How’s our tech guy doing?


I’m getting the “Offline for maintenance” for the main Tomnod site in regular Chrome as well… It’s been like that since about 1100GMT yesterday.
I must admit I’ve not tried logging out and back into the forum, I just leave a tab open with the main forum page on.


Its back, up running :ok_hand::desktop_computer::eyeglasses:


Auth0, Auth0, thus you return
Nodders to nod, they do yearn!

A two-line measure we proceed
Auth0, Auth0, thus you do lead!

We nod, we post, we rejoice
To have a Forum we do voice!

Thanks to Jon and Tomnod too
Now, the Nodders aren’t so blue!

@Jon_Saints @Mel_Nod


Hi folks, we had a big Tomnod crash over the weekend due partially to someone spamming our server. We had to put it into maintenance mode on Saturday, but we are back in business now!


OMG I can’t use here the bad words that come to mind. How dare ‘they’!

Another ‘stupidly stupid’ waste of time and energy.

Time for our @Jon_Saints to turn into Superman and beat those spammers all the way to Mars. :smiley:

We’re sorry this happened. :frowning:


Bought a bushel of these pretty mushy tomatoes to throw at bad people who touch other people’s bits & bytes. Who wants to help me throw? LOL


Wait a second there, Cagey! That one looks like it would go nicely on my sandwich! :yum: Better find some that are well past being ripe! :wink:


I couldn’t find any. But ask wifey to put them in a pot and boil till partial mush, then cool. I’m gonna throw them anyway… spammers need a good smack on their heads. :tomato:


Can you imagine how much faster the Internet would be if there wasn’t all that spam being broadcast? That takes up a lot of bandwidth and server time.


Here you go cage, found some rotten tomatoes for you :wink: image


Good ones. But this would be a group effort. I’ll throw one first. splat :tomato:


Tomato TomatoThrowing


You get em, Em! Splats! :tomato: