Computers - DOS to Win 3.11 to MS 10


Shudder-perish the thought! I recall having to put things back together in Windows 3.11 years ago after my son and his chums would get done rigging things up their way. Shriek-running away!!

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Windows 3.11 was the very first Windows system I had. Hated it! Up to that time I used DOS and we had a whole slew of graphic DOS menus that you could configure to start any app (or program as they were called back then) or do whatever you wanted. Many of them were so much better looking than Windows’ GUI. I ended going back to DOS and used that until DOS 6.22. By the time I finally switched to Windows it was up to Window 98. :rofl: Never had/used Vista or Win95. Even with Windows 98 I used a third-party file explorer that also had many features of other programs, like zipping folders/files, shredding files (up to 35 times), adding shortcuts to other programs within its own toolbar, etc. I still have that program with a life-time license, but I haven’t had the time to install it on this laptop. It will be done by the end of this month however. My wife and I won’t have to babysit on a daily basis after the 11th. :sweat_smile: That will give me much more time to get caught up on all these 'puter things I’ve been wanting to do… and websites as well.