Cosmic Eye video showing distance


@EmeraldEyes posted this on the Facebook search group. From 2012, it is amazing!


makes me dizzy trying to take it all in. Marvelous sequence.


Oh heck…you found :astonished:
What was it that gave me away…it couldn’t have been the eyes 'cos they’re my son’s when he was 4yrs old :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The most mind blowing started in 1995 when they pointed Hubble at what was an almost ‘empty’ patch of sky for ~140 hours over 10 days:

and found ~3000 galaxies. (click twice to zoom in)



Then in 2004, another slightly smaller patch, with new cameras, ~280 hours over 2 months, found 10,000 new galaxies:

Those two were northern hemisphere, so they did a southern one and found similar numbers. Thousands of Galaxies everywhere they look…

Video Hubble Deep Field The Most Important Image Ever Taken



This is a video showing from “individual” back in time.

infinite zoom: the inner universe