Crosby, Texas -- explosion at chemical plant


"…dedicated to the life of the group and innovation."
This last part tells you what their priorities are - dedication to the life of the group (company/divisions/subsidiaries, etc.) and innovation. Nothing about making anything safer for PEOPLE and/or the environment, or … well, you get my gist. Bottom line: it’s all about making money… period!


A short while ago there was a press conference on CNN where they explained what was up… despite the media trying to make it into a bigger event.

There was one ‘reefer’ type trailer that was burning due to decomposition induced heating after the cooling failed completely… it was producing some smoke although there was a possibility it had ‘exploded’ earlier.

Company rep stated that the expected smoke was mostly expected to be irritant if inhaled… but not deadly.
They have declared a 1.5 mile safety zone… and the remaining trailers 8 are isolated from anything else.

They did explain that they had lost primary power, then the backup generator and a replacement (referred to earlier), due to water levels… also a liquid nitrogen cooling option. Since everything was now stored in those trailers, there is little threat to the plant from them… However they do expect that the others may soon start doing the same burning type event.

I suspect that given the materials stored, those early hospitalizations were mostly due to fumes long before the things decomposed and burnt… the trailers appear to have safety venting to keep pressure low.
Quite possible it was doing so and they were exposed…

Still, years ago now I was at the Mississaugua train derailment in Ontario, with RC Emergency Services…
that was a load of chlorine and ammonia and they really took that seriously… but that was because of what burning that (or otherwise combining) those could create… I’m not a chemist but they hinted at something like WW I gas clouds. They evacuated over 300,000 at that time as it developed in threat with more information. These things are always dynamic… and you are almost never on top of everything.
Thankfully, that worked out well, but set a record for many things… We were just there to provide relief services for the crews during breaks… I do remember they decided to expand the zone to a half mile and when they came to tell us to bug out, they were impressed that our ELINT capability had caught the decision and we were already packed up and just drove to the new location… we did thank them for the heads up though! One can watch this whole storm and filter out useful things for ‘next’ time.


Thanks for the update, Doug. I know that these things are constantly changing and decisions are made as soon as possible, but the media has always wanted to be “the first” with anything new. Too often it is an uniformed remark by a reporter that makes its way through the rest of the media before actual facts are made known and broadcast.


2,500 chemical plants around Houston-- wow.


I’m not sure I’d want to drink their water. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::hushed::scream::sushing_face::speak_no_evil::wink: