Current Harvey Campaign Complete


Dear all,
Thank you for your incredible outpouring of support during our Hurricane Harvey campaign!

The campaign is complete and the data is posted to

You’ll see that the campaign is still up on the homepage. We are hoping to add new imagery if we can find efforts that would continue to contribute to relief efforts. I’ll keep you posted here. We are also looking towards Irma and if the tomnod community can be of assistance.

We are always looking for help on our Seals campaign, too!


Our Widdle Weddells probably got weallly cold waiting for us to come back! So, Nodders, put on your boots and parkas and gloves — wait! I forgot, we can sit at home in our PJs and go tag some Weddells. Let’s go!


Ok, back to Antarctica it is then cat-falls-into-snow


Going to try and have a look st the data later - I’d be interested to see how the efforts of TN turn out.

Out of interest, how many people took part in the campaign, if it’s possible to tell?
I ‘liked’ the Tomnod Facebook page the other day and it’s got around 58k likes, but in comparison to this forum it doesn’t seem like there are as many active users. (Appreciating that not all Tomnodders use the forum - I certainly didn’t on my first campaign)


So I’ve had a look at the raw data, and for anyone that is interested but doesn’t want to interpret it, here are some statistics, from what I can calculate. Always willing to be proven wrong if someone else has different values, thats the beauty of Open Source.

580 Taggers - Although with many people experiencing errors and logging out, and working outside of their account, this value is probably greater than the actual amount of PEOPLE that inputted data. Equally, due to the nature of the data capture, whereby I assume it only captures the Tagger ID of the first person to identify a point, this could actually not be representative of the amount of users, as it is possible that some of the later taggers may never have identified a new point.
13,411 Unique tags, consisting of 124,173 in total (maybe more, depending on how the “Agreement” column is used). Broken down into:
31 Blocked Bridges
1,968 Flooded / Blocked Roads (bear in mind tags were applied along the length, or at junctions, depending on the tagger)
11,313 Flooded / Damaged Buildings
99 Trash Heaps

If you then apply the 10x approach to this data, so that only points with agreement of 10 taggers is accepted, we get the following:
4,144 Unique tags, consisting of 69,567 in total. Broken down into:
5 Blocked Bridges
402 Flooded / Blocked Roads (bear in mind tags were applied along the length, or at junctions, depending on the tagger - but this is more likely to be an accurate representation consider 10 taggers identified these points)
3,716 Flooded / Damaged Buildings
21 Trash Heaps

Hope this helps anyone else that was as curious as I was.
If anyone else is curious about a statistic, let me know and I’ll do my best and see if I can extract it from the data :slight_smile:

Oh one statistic I forgot to add:
The tagger with the most tags totalled 778, was the catchily named (ID) 3234567. Congratulations to you!
However due to the nature of the data, I don’t think its actually possible to get the true number that each person added (although you will know yourselves). So what the previous statistic probably shows us is that this user was the first user to identify 778 points, which any other tags from users just get added into the “agreement” column.


Hi @Oli and all! Thank you for taking a peek at the data and reporting back these interesting stats.

You don’t need to apply the 10x rule to the raw data, it has already been applied by tomnod. So your first cluster of stats is correct, with 13,411 tags placed which were then verified by crowd consensus.

If you’re curious about the total number of tags placed in our quest for these 13k tags, it’s 364,649! (which were then clustered by agreement/radius for our posted dataset).

Since the data we post to OpenData has been aggregated, it’s not possible to see how many unique users there were from that file or who our top contributor was. I can pull this info from the tomnod database, however!

Total unique contributors: 5,581 :grin:
First place tagger: @Jim with 16956 tags!
Second place tagger: @Helen with 11358 tags!
Third place tagger: @Sandra with 8790 tags!

If you’d like to know how many tags you placed, reply here or message me. Or, any other questions, I can try to figure it out.
THANKS to you all, and looking forward to our next campaign or next portion of the Harvey campaign.

Where are all the taggers for Irma? I feel like I am the only one looking

Congrats you guys. :smiley:


Thanks Cagey! :blush: No wonder my index/mouse-finger was getting sore… :wink: That’s what comes of having too much time on my hands and not being allowed to go to work for a while! :upside_down_face: :dizzy_face: :no_mouth:


Those are some mega stats! I scanned 5k tiles and placed 568 tags. God knows how many tiles you all scanned for those numbers!!


Too many! I can’t remember the exact number, but I think I’d covered around 24k tiles… (that comes mainly from being signed off work and bored stiff :upside_down_face: as a result!)


You could always console yourself with the fact that you did better than me then :grin: I did 6.60k tiles but only tagged 284 tags. As tempting as it was to search and tag there inner city floods I tended to remain out in the rural cloud covered areas, I’m always concerned that they get neglected/ignored in favour of the more obvious and easier to scan areas :confused: Unfortunately I don’t recall any consensus of over 10 they tended to be 3 or 4 at the most :frowning:


I just reviewed wherever TN took me as a ‘priority’ really - sometimes the consensus was only 3 or 4 when I added a tag, but I could come back on the next day and my consensus score had rocketed up as others agreed with the tags.
I think the highest agreement at time of tagging that I saw was 28, and yet when I clicked another building in the same time or the tile next to it and only got 7/8!