DG - International Women's Day


From DigitalGlobe’s Facebook post:

Find @Mel_Nod !

Brown hair? Red, black or blonde?
Long hair? or short?
Short or tall height?
Get set, ready, GUESS!


I want to know what that green machine is on the table? Guesses?

  • a green electric water driven stapler, like a CPAP for papers


My guess is Melissa is standing beneath the light hanging down from the ceiling (upper right). :neutral_face:


I don’t think Mel has red hair-- so that eliminates one or two women.

Now, to find her— concentrate!!


It would be nice if a certain someone (@Mel_Nod) would give us a hint as to hair color… and whether she’s actually in the photo or not. :neutral_face:


Well, natural brunette is the most common hair color, followed by blonde, black, and red. Could also have blondish-red like my child had from birth.


I wish I could see their eyes up close. I’m fairly good at putting names to eyes… weird as it sounds. But I am a little weird, or so I’ve been told on more than one occasion. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We need to be sleuths!


We could ignore, based on probability, people holding signs. Plus, one of the sign holders is male.


Oh they’re sly! lololol Thought no one would notice??


Who votes that Mel does not wear eyeglasses (or not in this photo)?



I don’t know why I even said this, but I told my wife that every day should be International Women’s Day. Her response? “In that case, get me a cup of coffee.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: Guess I stuck my foot in my mouth. :roll_eyes:


Thanks, Cagey! How could I have left that out? :roll_eyes: :shushing_face:


Freudian omission, per-gaps?


Finally had time to look at the pale green object on the table… it seems to be a shopping tote bag…
either vinyl or canvas… but could carry a fair sized object… sorry… but at least it is not a seal…


LOL! True!

Let’s see the table up close–


Hey— there’s one male on the lower end, see beard! lol And 3 in the middle section, beards & bald. Maybe 1 at the top too.

They trying to trip us up! tsk tsk


Or not even a penguin. Drats! :laughing: And someone also left a bag on the floor.

Just the guys keeping the women on their toes. Nothing to see here, girls… move along now. :roll_eyes: :laughing:


We only got 1 guess (Jim’s). :frowning: Nobody else got a guess?


How about ’ Mel is taking the picture! ’