Disappearing tags


Why are yesterday’s tags gone today? I tried to put them back but it says “too close”. I don’t quite know what to do about this. I can’t tell for sure if I tagged some places or not until I get the too close message. Is there anything I can do?


Probably not gone Sandra, just slow in loading. Don’t you remember that happening in past campaigns :wink: I remember the first time I experienced that on missing yacht campaign down in South Africa a few years ago. Probably just slow loading the shear volume of tags dropped/tiles searched together with the large number of volunteers on here :wink:


A bit late to help where-ever you were, but…

Sometimes, it is easy to drop a tag on the OLD images. If you switch to OLD, you might be able to delete the tag there. Then switch back to the current map and re-place your tags.

And slow loading could also be the issue, like Em said.