Discobot, badges, and gamification


Okay, Shaul… Wouldn’t people have to “visit” the forum in order for them to write why they “don’t visit” any longer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


Yes, we are trying to get people back to the Forum, don’t we? That would be one way to make it easier for them to find the way back.


So sorry about Pastor Ruth. Hope the holiday season brings her and her family peace and healing.

I agree with you Cagey re the text about the forum at each campaign.

I definitely need posting lessons. If I want to share something found in a campaign map I do it the slow way: copy the website on a piece of paper then type it into the forum post. (Shhh, no one heard me say that I failed posting 101).:thinking:



Christmas present ! Enjoy!


Well I sincerely hope I don’t gain ALL 49 as the First Flag badge is one I’d rather not gain :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wilms if ever you need help with postings, don’t waste time trying to figure and fathom it out by yourself, just ask on the forum. There are plenty of us only too happy to help, it’s part of what the forum is for! The beauty or bane of that is you can sometimes learn so much more from every respondents viewpoint posted :grin:

And that goes for anyone else who would like to know any “how to’s” because if you don’t ask you may never know…that’s what I’ve always told my children. No question is stupid or foolish, we can’t know **everything ** although my sons thinks I’m a walking encyclopaedia of everything :smirk: But then, come to think of it, it’s been a while since he’s said it now :thinking: Maybe that’s because he’s at that age where he thinks he knows it all :roll_eyes:


But didn’t you have to Flag one of Discobot’s posts? It was required that I did - but no badge! Hmmm… Me thinks Discobot is holding one over on me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes I did Jim, but I don’t think that counts as discobot was only teaching how and its purpose :wink:


That’s one you give to mark something wrong or bad. Most of us hate flagging anyone’s post… and we’re a pretty good group so nobody needs a flag.


I thought discobot was “daring” me to flag him… so I did! There, Discobot! That will teach you to dare a Tomnodder to do something! :rofl:


Which is why I’d rather not have to give one out; we’re a peaceable bunch of nodders and long may the peace rain :grin:


Fwiw, I have been using Tomnod for a couple months, and I didn’t even know there was a forum until I saw it on the South Sudan splash page today. So my vote is to put the links on the splash pages, because I’m betting I’m not the only one. Looking forward to reading up!


@Manarelle Hey, welcome! I’m glad Tn put the Forum info on the Campaign Info page(s). I remember being new and never knew what that :cloud: button was for-- just happened to click it and found the forum. But I need big signs to find my way LOL.

You’ll have lots to read here! Just don’t mind that we’re the good kind of “nutty”.


Wow, thanks for letting us know @Manarelle. Good to know it works!


:hushed: Eh, what works? :thinking:

Think I’ve gone snowblind…again :sunglasses: 'cos I can’t see any forum signs on the Sudan splash page :crazy_face: Why was I left out . . . Santa doesn’t love me no more :disappointed:

What I have just noticed does need updating though is the ‘How to Participate…’ instruction clipimage

It’s a tad out of date and might be a bit confusing to newbies . . . but that can wait til New Year :wink:

And explains why occasionally people ask why they can’t find that minimap

EDIT: Oh wait…I found it…the forum sign that is :laughing: So no need to cancel Christmas Mel you can get on with your last minute Christmas shopping now, alls good :rofl: Happy Christmas :grin:


And there we have it…proof positive that newbies don’t know we are here lost
They’re missing out on all these words of wisdom poured out by our dynamic team of nutty nodders :crazy_face: :rofl:
They need to be led into the light BeamingSmiley

And welcome to the nutty nodders house Grin roll


On the Weddell Seal text plash page (info page) is:
"Join us in this important research protecting Antarctica’s iconic seals! We will provide regular vote count updates for Dr. LaRue on http://forum.tomnod.com/, Facebook and Twitter. "

I thought that was what @Manarelle saw?

The forum url (http://forum.tomnod.com OR just type forum.tomnod.com) is not on the Sudan info page.

I’m hoping @Mel_Nod will add that URL to each campaign’s info page, perhaps with a reference to the :cloud: image at the top of every campaign page-- that :cloud: will get you here too. However, there is no ( www.tomnod.com url ) in the Forum to go back there from the forum-- so just open a new window and type it in.

Just since we have had new people to the forum recently, I want to mention to —

  1. Hover on your avitar picture, then click the little :gear: That area is your preferences. There, click Email on the side. There, you can set up how to receive your emails from the Forum. You can change these setting again later.

  2. Use the :mag: glass up near your picture.
    Type in badges to find topics about how to start earning badges. Type in Tutorial (there are two badges for this) but we regulars just posted the steps to get these 2 badges.
    The badges page is http://forum.tomnod.com/badges.

  3. Using the :mag: glass again
    Type in TIP or TIPS
    These were done when the Forum started but most should still apply to today.

Oh and for Weddell Seals, there is a contest going on to surpass the number of tiles that Reseacher Michelle views overall for the entire campaign. Last report of her total sat around 1,900 or so. Try to beat her total – you’ll get a small gift. :smiley:
EDIT: I should have said that ONLY those who get the HIGHEST numbers above Michelle; I forget how many people can win.

If you have any questions or problems, people are in and out on the Forum 24 hours a day.

Again, welcome!

Forum Moderator

The other Forum Moderator is @AKE235

And @Mel_Nod is our Tomnod Staff Leader and Liaison for Nodders in the Forum.


But if you dangle your mouse over the those speech bubbles Cagey…when you’re playing with your food…it reveals the name label for the forum :wink:


I speculate that many people ignore the bubble-cloud.


I’m not quite sure how to achieve that on a touchscreen though…
It’s hard enough trying to look for seals on the small screen, the selection panel and Digitalglobe logo take up vast majority of the screen. :crazy_face::upside_down_face: