Discourse Forum - Preview window seems to have disappeared


For some unknown reason, I can’t see the preview window in the Reply’s box today. Don’t know how or why it’s disappeared but it’s not because I’ve hit the “hie preview” button :confused:


Discourse Forum - No Preview Window - test

Try the plus or minus on your browser window.



Cagey…that didn’t work :rofl:

Oh heck, I’ve gone blind blind1
…but my text is bigger…now I do feel like I’m shouting :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I need to see my emoji’s expressions, preferably before I actually post, I’ve already upset you once today, and I don’t want to do that again :anguished:

Oh, I do hope this is not some “senior moment” thing I’ve done to myself…again :confounded:


Still got no preview window in my post box :frowning:
I had hoped when I shut down last night that everything would somehow right itself and it would be back this morning but I guess :disappointed:


And yet when I reply to you here, I have one…did you hit the hide/show a few times just to make sure it wasn’t stuck? not that this is a technical way of fixing it :roll_eyes::thinking::roll_eyes::thinking:

I’m on Chrome Incognito …no issues.


In the examples shown by @EmeraldEyes there is nothing in the preview because nothing has been typed yet in the ‘working’ box… I just had the same thing, but as soon as I typed it was over to the right side… Not sure about the whole thing, that is just the first item I looked at… based on that alone, don’t panic until you try that…
Meanwhile I’ll play some more… my show hide works fine…


Em, have you tried a different browser? Cleared cache, cookies etc? Just trying to eliminate the obvious…

It’s working OK for me in Chrome. Nothing shows on the right hand side until I start typing.
Show/Hide works as it should…

I’ll keep thinking :thinking:


If a laptop, close lid, turn upside down and shake gently. Well, that and duct tape seems to work on my old laptop!

One day, I managed to turn the Desktop files sideways!!! Called Geek Squad. They said hit Ctrl+ALT plus UP Arrow key. Turned it right back proper. My point-- it’s probably something simple.


That would be a cool - but cruel - joke to play on someone. :thinking: :grinning: :innocent:


I thought I finally killed my PC. A fan fell across the keyboard-- go figure, a fan that types and knew to hit those 3 keys together! Actually, it hit the L key; all files faced R.


You mean I have to knock a fan over onto someone else’s keyboard to do this? Oh man! :rofl: Leave it to Windows to use the “L” key to make things face right. :confused: I think those coders were on something when they did this! :grinning:


LOL no, my fan next to my laptop. I’m just guessing the L key did it… I woulda had to stand up next to the right edge of the laptop to read the files. Even moved Start to where the clock should be… and the clock to the upper right corner!

Try it— dare you, lolol. Just remember what keys to use to bring it back!


That just gave me an idea. If I should happen to do this to someone’s laptop, I’ll have to remember to right-click and hit refresh. That way the next time they reboot it will sideways. Maybe… :thinking: … maybe I’ll leave a note telling how to straighten out their “mess” … maybe. :rofl:


I just did mine by accident. You’re bad. LOL


:smiling_imp: Who? Me? :innocent:


Back to the disappearing chat box, I did this once on Discourse. I’m pretty sure I used Ctl+ the plus or minus sign. In fact, if something is made little, we normally hit plus. But instead, it needed Control Key + the minus sign. You may need to hit it over and over to bring it back.


I tried hiding the edit preview box and it hide it. Then I looked at it for a second and said to myself, "now how in the h**l do I get it back? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I finally hit cancel on the reply box, then hit reply again. There, it was back. So when you hide it the preview box, it only remains hidden for that one reply.
Aside note: I wonder how many people realize there’s a small double white line in the middle of the blue bar above the edit & preview boxes. One can either increase or decrease the height of these boxes with this. Without really looking for it, this resizing icon is pretty unnoticeable - especially for those with “not-to-great” eyesight or suffering from “snow-blindness” due to the Antarctic seal campaigns. :grinning:


Doug, that’s not the reason either and it’s still not working :disappointed:

@TerriB That was the first thing I tried because I never turn it off, so thought maybe I’d accidentally hit that button while scrolling maybe.

@Helen Yep, I’ve done all that, and because I was working Incognito at the time, I logged out, opened Chrome and cleared history, then logged back in, even switched “hide preview” off/on again…still no job :roll_eyes:

It’s weird how such a simple little thing can mean so much and frustrate the heck out of you when you’ve not got it any more :dizzy_face:

Yeh but wouldn’t that just scramble up all my letters :upside_down_face: :laughing:
Anyway, I’m on the pc, I’ll only get in trouble if my hubby catches me trying to turn that upside down :rofl:

But that would be a cool prank to play on my son if you could teach me how to turn Desktop files sideways :smiley: But I won’t try dropping the fan on it 'cos that would get me into trouble…again :sweat_smile:


I’ve tried this as you suggested earlier, but all that does is zoom in the browser window, should there perhaps be another key to be included in the combination :thinking:


Jim, you just hit the “show preview” button in the bottom right corner of the box

I often use that, when I’m writing exceptionally loooong posts :laughing: