Download Crowd Ranked Data as Shapefile


So I was trying to understand a few things

  • A lot of these campaigns generate a lot of Crowd Ranked datasets as vector points/polygons etc.

  • How do I download the campaign results which maybe this Crowd Ranked datsets once a campaign has been completed?

  • Since tomnod is crowsourced I am hoping atleast the crowd ranked categorization or datasets would be available for download.

These datasets could be used as training data and also as reference data for markers or in general for studies when we are looking at disaster areas post processing. Any and all insights into this would be very useful.


Is there a way to have access to the surveys results?

Write directly to for the best chance of an answer.


Thank you, I just emailed them and I will wait eagerly for them to respond


Thanks Cat. I wasn’t sure how to respond to the user on the question. Knew you probably did. :slight_smile: ake


Here is 2015 Nepal data portal:

Tn’s blog had some links data sets. I’m just not sure if all campaigns were put in one place (?)

You might also look at PDF
The Google snippet lists the file types TN uses to export final data.


Thanks cageycat,
I was hoping that this would be a feature available for all campaigns. I am still waiting for a reply from I think this would be a great feature to have once user contributed campaigns are completed . Thanks for the link to Nepal outputs



I was looking around for other campaign results.

I Googled DigitalGlobe shapefile, and found this DG portal:

Hurricane Matthew
On this one, it loads to a blank gray screen.
Start by using the minus key until you see the US.
Reposition screen to under Florida. Look for green blotch.
When you see the green, reposition over it.
Then, use the Plus button to focus in on the AOI.
This is the raw data from crowdsourcing.

Partial Results for Canadian Wildfires
(happy_mapper post, May 16)

A San Fran high nadir challenge issued in March 2016:

A non-crowdsourcing description from Nigeria:


Thanks Cageycat,
Most of the results are viewable but not downloadable from the few links you gave me
A few interesting findings
From the SAR form we find the following
Deliver CrowdRank’ed results (including coordinates) to the applicant, once each pixel of the satellite image(s) has been reviewed by at least three (3) people.

Which makes you think that those who contribute to the platform, most of them never get to see the results but only those requesting a campaign.

Also towards the end of the presentation by James Sondag

You find a link for pricing available for tomnod services including an inactive link

So I am not sure if this was also supposed to be an alternate service.



This is the reply I got from Digital Globe for the same query. I have inserted comments for other members in the community to follow through and hopefully this will open up the possibility for further discussion.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out with your questions. I’ll try to answer below. Please follow up with any additional questions you have.

  1. A number of the datasets have been open sourced on​ We are working on a better method for making data available. This will be through DigitalGlobe’s open data website. We expect it to be completed soon. Once it is ready, some of the data collected in public Tomnod campaigns will be posted there.

  2. We do provide a crowdrank score with each feature. This could be used to create a confidence matrix.

  3. Agree that using this data to train automated algorithms is great use for the data. To do this you need access to both tomnod data and the imagery that tomnod features were extracted from. Often, getting access to the imagery is a challenge.
    My comment: Training datasets can be of different resolution and there are existing methods to deal with imagery resolution

  4. Contributions on the campaigns you see on are from volunteer users. We are clear in our terms that DigitalGlobe owns all contributions. We open source some, but not all of the data we collect. Here are a few reasons why we choose to or not to open source data:
    My comment: Included in SAR agreement not in the Terms of Service Agreement
    Partners that ask us to run tomnod campaigns often ask us not to open source the data. A good example is GlobalXplorer who is looking for the world’s archeological sites. We do not open source the data because we do not want looters to use the data for destructive activities.
    My comment: This is case specific

Often the challenge we face is more on open sourcing access to imagery. You can imagine much of the data we collect on disasters in tomnod (locations of flooded bridges for example) is only useful if you have access to the image that the Tomnod data was collected from. Open sourcing imagery (which is very expensive for DigitalGlobe to collect) is often a challenge.
My comment:Note open source datasets at 10m resolution and 5 m resolutions are available

All of this said, I am hopeful DigitalGlobe will start open sourcing more data soon. I will send you access to our open data site when it is released. This will be a much more organized and clear location for everyone to access the data that we do open source.

Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any more questions!

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Hi @samapriya.roy @Ryan5 , DigitalGlobe’s Open Data Program launched earlier this week:


@Ryan5 is there a specific data set you’re looking for? I’d be happy to check the licensing to see if we can make it publicly available.


Hi @HappyMapper would it be possible to find a list of past campaigns . I know only a few are currently visible on the website. It would then be easier to list and request data and make a case for release.


Unfortunately, we only have a list of IDs (not past campaign descriptions). But private message me about what you’re trying to do and I can help you as best I can from there.