Dr Michelle, you up to do another 2,500?


How about between now and Feb 14th? No prizes… just a friendly wager. :smiley: Give us all another go at the tiles. Always more fun to have goals. Maybe one of your research assistants could jump in on this too? More the merrier.


By the way, @Michelle4 we’d start with our last totals we had in the contest and when you do another 2,500 just yell “Seal !” so we know to stop and give our totals…

And :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I already started. LOL

Cat busy at keyboard::::
That’s a rock.
That’s a rock.
Not a seal.
Oooo. That’s pretty!! But no seals.
There’s a black hole. Or a rock? Sealie yo sealie!
Wonder what the ferals would think of me now? Nope, no seals.
hmmm! Trick tile! Little dots! Rock? No Rock? Seal? No Seal? That is the question…
Seal ! Seal ! Look, I found seals! (We got cows, Julia! - credit, movie Twister)


The only reason Michelle won’t do another 2500 right now is that she is actually, factually heading to Antarctica! She is in Chile right now; once they are able to leave Punta Arenas (they are on weather delay) she will be out of communication for a good spell.

There is much you can see and follow on twitter from her trip if that is your bag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/AccioAntarctica?src=hash


Awwww… of course! She’s going to go tell all the seals that we’re looking for them! (joking)

Come on Nodders, this is a perfect time to exceed Dr Michelle’s polygoning! Hurry! We each can do 2,500 more with one hand tied behind our backs! Then, when she gets back, we can hand in our work-- er, our gifts.

Oh, and on the tiles, be on the look-out for one female seal searcher/researcher! Pretty. Blonde hair. Dressed in some brightly colored insulated jumpsuit outerwear. Fashionable but dependable boots-- black with bright red & purple laces, with matching sun-snow goggles. Please be careful with yelling “Dr LaRue! Dr LaRue!”-- we don’t want to shake any ice loose down there. :smiley:


Oh boy, another social media site for me to learn :sweat_smile:
I opened a twitter account when I opened my FB account 7/8 years ago and have never used it. I wanted to know what all the warnings/risks were about for when my children started using them and they never did (they use others :smirk:). TN is the reason I finally familiarised myself with FB…looks like TN are encouraging me again…well…Dr Michelle is encourageable and it’s the only reason I can think of to learn how to use the darn thing.
But boy is it baffling confused8 :sweat_smile:


Twitter is easy to use! Almost as easy as this forum… :grin:
Dr Michelle just got herself another follower… :bird:


But could get busy to follow if I follow too much like on FB; I had to ditch a lot there as it was taking up waaay too much of my nodding time :sweat_smile:


I started at 3,018 - My goal is 5,518 or more.

Now at 3,072
Now at 4,005 - yay

Anyone gonna join me?


I started with 6,186 and now at 6,510; unfortunately I’ve not managed to do as much over the past week :unamused: But every vote counts :wink:


Sometimes, I can only do 50 to 100 at a time. Too much nothingness on my tiles. I keep looking for palm trees and cabana with cute guys bringing me some drinks ----- and just as I begin to imagine them under bright sunshine, I remember where we are. lol


Now I’m up to 4.45 - I’m getting there, little by little.

I’m now up to 4.70— so close to my goal !

Come on, you only got to do 2,500 more than what you had in early Jan. Go, go, go!!

I’m up to 4.96 – sooo close now ! Come on, we gotta surprise Michelle when she gets back!



Dr LaRue will see our progress, sooner or later (if she isn’t waddled by penguins!).

Have you done at least 2,500 tiles more since Jan 8th? Can you do them before she returns!? Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Whoever has done the most since our contest, by the time Dr Michelle returns, will get to head up the Welcome Back Dr LaRue thread… er, Parade. :smile: Shhhh! It’ll be our secret until she checks in …

I better get busy. Still got some to do on my goal.


I’ve done 2,240 I’m gettin there, I’m gettin there :sweat_smile: (currently on 8.42K) :smile:


I’ve done around 18k since Jan 9, but I’ve had “hardware” problems (a hinge(!) broke, so I had to send away my HP laptop for repairs) - so I have had to use my old laptop with smaller screen, and then it takes at least twice as long to check each polygon.


A true tenacious tomnodder @shaul! NICE work @EmeraldEyes too!

Thanks for keeping us motivated @cageycat


Yay, I’ve got my HP laptop back; I’m taking it out to the Antarctic for “a spin”!


Ohhhh… no. I was getting all excited because I thought I surpassed my goal. But, I was wrong. I’m at 5.20 2,500 is harder than it sounds; just too much snow.

But we just need to cheer each other on! (I need all the cheering you can give!)
Ra ra ra, let’s go find us some WEDDELLS!
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… 5.55 !!!
And, kitties should stay away from pretty blue glacier-ice…
( http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/164710 )


Ah heck, I’ve only managed a great big .10! :open_mouth: since my last post :unamused:

Ok, I’ve surpassed the 2.5k target but my personal overall target is to be 10k+ and I’ve a week…and I’m not saying any more to jinx it :smirk:

But oh how those pups love to taunt…image :face_with_raised_eyebrow: http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/26706


At least YOU find Weddells. All I get is SNOW. Or Black. Or Snow. Or Black…

It is irritating when they are out of the poly. :frowning:


Hey Cagey, I found some seals for you :slight_smile: image