Dr Michelle, you up to do another 2,500?


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Somebody left a sweaty footprint – ewww!

Not mine; too big.


Yaaay…I’ve finally reached my target… image

…well, I’ve passed it actually…just :sweat_smile:

Right! Now I’m off to buy my twin nieces their birthday presents for this weekend; they’re 6yrs :grin:


Woooo nice work @EmeraldEyes!!!

And enjoy the birthdays this weekend!



Is Dr LaRue ever coming back?

Nice music…


Congrats on that!!! Well done.


What do you mean am I coming back… I never left!!

And heck yeah I’m up for another 2,500 - here I go!!


:laughing: get your finger out Michelle…you’ve got a lot of catching up to do :laughing:


She sure has… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
image and counting…



Nodders were so rooting for you on your trip. We eavesdropped on your Twitter posts, hoping to hear you’d gone on the last leg. It must be so disappointing to go so far and yet, not get to the main event. We’re sorry. :frowning: Hey, did the rest of your luggage ever show up?

Most of us completed another 2,500 OR MORE polys! Yay! Figured you’d be needing some nice Weddells waiting for you when you got back home. :smiley: @EmeraldEyes found where the seals were having rave parties. lol


I need a new target image I’ve only managed another 700 in the past 6 days since I reached my target. I need to reach 20k and next week is half term for the children so that’s going to slow me down a bit more. So what’s a good target date to aim for?

@cageycat, you can be creative setting targets; the trouble with setting my own is that there’s always that temptation to move the target :wink: :sweat_smile:


Half-term must be early down here, it’s this week for our schools! The traffic jams have been almost none-existent so far this week on my daily commute… Bliss!

If you want to get to 20k by the end of next week, you’re going to have to do around 1023 per day between now and a week on Friday! :thinking::scream:

Probably more realistic to just keep going whenever you can, and not look too much at the total! :no_mouth::expressionless::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Half-term is this week for some of the schools up here, my nieces over in Liverpool are off this week, so are our nieces down in Solihull come to think of it :thinking:

1023 in a day is doable but I couldn’t guarantee doing that every day 'til the end of half term…though that’s not my plan anyway 'cos I’ll have less time anyway with the children at home. Daughter’s birthday next week and they can end up being a three day affair these days. She doesn’t know what she wants either so I think we’ll be out for a day clothes shopping…that’s usually good for a laugh :sweat_smile:

You might be right Helen, think I’ll just keep on going and before I know it I’ll have passed my target anyway :laughing:


I have to admit I do selfishly look forward to school holidays, as it means I can usually get to work in half the time it normally takes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take 3 days out and you’re looking at just over 1500 a day to get to your 20k target. Might be better to stick a bit of tape or cardboard over the top right corner of your monitor (just so it covers the numbers!) and only peek once in a while. :innocent::eyes:


My hubby says the same thing :smile: So you’ll be please to know then that they break up for Easter on the 23rd March for 2 weeks :wink:

Well, I’m on 11.2k now, and while my son is off school with bad dose of the flue, who knows, I could well reach that target…maybe sooner than I thought :smile: The poor lad thought he was over the worst of it today, was even planning for school tomorrow…his guts decided otherwise…more laundry :weary:


Hehe, I’ve made a mental note of that one! :grin:
:face_with_thermometer::nauseated_face:Hope your son recovers soon… :crossed_fingers: I’ve managed to avoid most of the nasty bugs that have done the rounds of the office, but have seen how badly others have been affected. I don’t want to get one now, got a(nother) holiday :palm_tree::desert_island: coming up soon and can really do without getting anything now… :mask::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Apparently 20 teachers have gone down with it the past week at school and quite a number down in my hubby’s office too. Hubby and I have both had flue jabs so :crossed_fingers: hopefully we’re immune :frowning_face: It’s never too late to get a flue jab you know :wink:


A little motivation for @Michelle4 http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/65951 :thinking: :wink:


:astonished: Think maybe Antarctica has got fleas confused6

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Well, I don’t know how I’ve managed it in 24hrs but I’m now image :smile:
Think Helen might right…the key is to not look, so I’ll have to cover up the counter on my screen :grin: