E. Antarctica Area 2: Take 42-49 tiles for counter to add 10


This doesn’t matter much to me as to the number of tiles I do, but here is the problem. After watching the counter add 10 to the score, I counted between 42 and 49 tiles before it added 10 to the score. My score for tiles done currently shows 5.11k.
As long as the seal tags and “agrees” work, that’s all that matters to me (somewhat). Others may want their “Map Tiles Done” counters working. :neutral_face:


But when you’re up there on counts, it isn’t 10 for a roll over to the next number. I noticed that many campaigns ago.


The only thing I use that counter for is after doing a tile on H. Maria, I’ll switch tabs and do 10 or 20 tiles on the seal campaign. By that time the next tile has loaded on H. Maria and I do that - and so on. But with these narrower maps on the seal campaign, I guess I can just do a row or two before heading back to H. Maria.


Four hours later the “glitch” seems to be correcting itself. My tile counter jumped up 120 (still a lot less than what I’ve done today) and is advancing every 10 tiles. Weird… :thinking:

Update: Within the past hour, the “glitch” has completely corrected itself. My tile count went from 5.15 up to 8.90. It is working as it should at the moment. Now I am up to 9.10.
SOLVED - But still a mystery.


Maybe the techs have read your post and been working quietly in the background to fix it JIm :wink:


On a Saturday? Heaven forbid! :grinning:


I’ve noticed this as well. The only difference for me is that once it got stuck on a number, it stayed there… didnt’ matter how many more tiles I did. Always solved so far for me by refreshing the page…


Hmmm well I am always beyond delighted when a glitch magically fixes itself! An engineer has been trying to upgrade our database over the last couple of days and I know there have been some delays and some small downtime. It MAY be what is happening, or it may not…but if it’s new to this campaign that would be my leaning.


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