Ehtiopia Population Campaign


Good Morning! We appear to have a problem on the campaign. There was a post regarding it and I checked it and yeppers don’t you know it looks like WV3 is a bit testy. I am getting a broken link to the map image.

Thank you in advance!
Pastor Ruth ~ Tomnod Mod



:nerd: Think WV3 needs to take his magnifying peepers off too…

That’s my screen at zero and at 100% on Chrome :laughing:

Think I’d better stay out of it…think the the techies are playing … or maybe its the mice :smirk:



Rorschach time—

I see… an elephant dancing … see his trunk lifted on the right? He’s in the middle of a dance step, so he looks like he’s jivin’ and off balance !


If it does “Jazz Hands” I am leaving! :grin:


When I get those totally black screens, regardless of the default magnification, I assume that the polygon is “off the map” and immediately zoom out to -5. Usually the map will then appear way over in a corner or something. If not, I just hit 3 and move on.


Ok it’s working now, but I have a question. Are huts considered buildings or not?!?


Yep, they are buildings too :slight_smile: